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Company Video – PERI Midrand

PERI Office Midrand

Company Video – PERI Midrand

A company showcase video informs customers about a company, highlighting their strengths and products. This video was produced for PERI Midrand
and was filmed at their offices in Midrand, South Africa. This video was presented at a conference,
and its primary focus was to emphasise PERI Midrand’s excellent company ethos and give the viewer insight into the daily activities of
PERI Midrand’s employees.

Personal Experience:
This was my first video with PERI.
Meeting the PERI team was a wonderful experience, and during the making of this video I built many important and lasting personal and business relationships
with many of the PERI team members, to name a few:
Hamish Laing, James Frew, Strydom Groenewald, Deon van der Merwe, Pierre Harmse, Van Reenen Coetzee, William Ndou, Billy van Straaten, Johan van Dyk




Canon 6D + Tamron 15-30 f2.8; Canon 50mm 1.8 Mark II; Canon 85mm 1.8; Canon 24mm Tilt-shift 3.5; Canon 100-400 f4.5-5.6 Zoom H4N Rode Stereo Video Mic


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