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Safety Induction Video Production – Tech Manufacturer

This safety induction video production was filmed for EATON at their largest branch in Johannesburg, South Africa, and was filmed in collaboration with Sound Idea Digital. It showcases EATON’s Health and Safety Culture while on its premises by highlighting the rules and requirements in line with their global EHS policy for their facility. This includes procedures such as evacuation, security protocols, correct PPE in correspondence to that specific environment, and the handling of tools and machinery.

Through the use of a comprehensive safety induction video production, EATON is able to fully educate all employees, visitors, contractors and subcontractors that access their facility on a daily basis.

By helping these individuals gain a deeper understanding of hazards that the facility may have and which health and safety procedures may accompany them, they are able to lower the number of injuries, work-related illnesses and distress significantly.

EATON is a global technology leader in power management including electrical, hydraulics, aerospace, truck and automotive. They are committed to the protection of the environment, the safety of their workers, contractors and visitors, the protection of company assets, and being valued members of the African community in which they operate.

The safety induction video production project produced remains compliant with the occupational health and safety act of 1993.
By remaining compliant with the occupational health and safety act of 1993, the company is able to avoid legal implications that may be brought on by illness, injury or distress.

Providing a safe workplace for ones employees ensures that they remain happy and trusting towards the company as a whole.

EATON’s manufacturing plant features incredible automated industrial-size machinery, as well as workshops in which teams of industry experts weld specialized products by hand. Their induction video ensures that all employees, contractors and visitors are made fully aware of the potential health and safety hazards, as well as methods that inform people on how to deal with them.



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