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SHEQ induction

Planning for a SHEQ Induction Shoot: Unique Equipment

Health and safety induction training videos present unique challenges when it comes to filming, the environments vary greatly and each one presents its own obstacles to overcome. With that being said, there are a couple of essential pieces of equipment that we cannot do without.

SHEQ Induction Tips


 The perfect tool for tracking a subject around large objects, structures or vehicles. A Steadicam does require a great deal of set up and it is recommended to have a dedicated Steadicam operator.


When it comes to establishing shots, and aerial angles a drone is simply unrivalled. However, drones require special permissions and open space. We recommend planning your drone use in advance to avoid complications. 

Boom Pole

In the case where drone use is prohibited or dangerous, we recommend a boom pole. A boom pole allows for establishing and aerial shots but is restricted by the height of the pole. This piece of equipment is particularly useful in big open factory spaces with lots of moving parts as the boom is carried by the camera operator, which significantly drops the risk of filming in that space.

Tripods – Size Matters

When it comes to image stabilisation tripods are essential, however not every space allows for a standard tripod, therefore we recommend:

Large Tripod

By far the most steady and practical tripod for most shots, but is cumbersome and requires a great deal of setting up and packing. 

Medium Tripod

An all-around tripod that is both practical in size and use. In some cases we will replace our large tripod with a medium-sized one, it just depends on the size of the location and the nature of the shots.

Small Tripod

Very mobile, easy to carry and set up but not ideal for wide-open spaces and shots. Best suited for confined and hazardous spaces. Small tripods are not particularly steady and their use should be planned accordingly.


The smallest of tripods, very mobile, easy to carry and use. Monopods are perfect for awkward and confined spaces. It is essential to film every process as comprehensively as possible and without getting in the way of the staff. Additionally, tripod size can have a huge impact on your team’s mobility, this is especially true when there is extra travelling involved. That is why we recommend you plan your tripods in advance.

Sound Check

High-Quality Standalone Audio Recorder

When it comes to recording sound, ambient noise is just as important and primary sound. We recommend using high-quality audio recorders to pull all your ambient noises to maintain authenticity in your video. 

High-Quality Lapel Mic

On the other side of the sound argument, recording interviews in a noisy workspace can be a challenge, make sure your lapel mic is able to cancel out ambient noise to capture clean interview audio.


Our final piece of essential sound equipment, designed for recording audio in outside windy spaces. Our Deadcat comes on every shoot to ensure our audio quality is consistent regardless of the weather or conditions. 

This list was developed over years of trial and error, hard work and research. SHEQ training videos are highly specialised and filmed in environments that seldom slow down, therefore it is essential you have the right equipment to compromise for the unique circumstances that arise. Get in touch today!

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