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We are a specialised business-to-business content production agency. We take a clever, creative and no-bullsh*t approach to creating honest client-customer content.

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Marketing Video Production

Marketing Video Production

We create concise and impactful video clips perfect for sharing through your next social media marketing campaign.

Service Explainer Videos

Let your company and team shine with highly personalized service marketing video content, targeted and optimized for the web.

YouTube Videos

Every video we produce is highly optimized for YouTube exposure and will grow your YouTube channel and campaigns for years to come.

Web Production

Lets grow your web presence with targeted marketing content perfect for landing pages and sales campaigns.

Project or Case Study Videos

Make your past projects and achievements come to life with Case study videos or client testimonials.

Product Explainer Videos

Bring your products to life with a powerful and stylised product marketing content, from explainers to product breakdowns.

A one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words.

Storytellers: Our team consists of highly experienced marketers and communication experts, which gives our content the storytelling edge.

Optimized for Digital: As Digital Marketing experts we understand the importance of optimizing your content for online consumption, ranging from SEO to content re-purposing.

Evoking: As keen storytellers, we know how to create content that evokes emotion in our clients and their consumers.

Consultation: As Marketing experts, we provide every client with expert consultation on both the content created as well as how it will be distributed and consumed by their target demographic.

Industries we serve:

Industrial Manufacturing
Transport & Logistics

Standard Day Rates and Turnaround

Full-Day Rate including Editing – 5 Day Turnaround Time
Half-Day Rate Including Editing – 3 Day Turnaround Time
Full-Day Rate excluding editing – 1 Day Turnaround Time
Half-Day Rate excluding editing – 1 Day Turnaround Time

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How can Video Marketing help your Business?

As a marketing video production company, we regularly see what happens behind the scenes and we’ve come to realise that video marketing content is favoured by the two largest search engines in the world, namely: Google and Youtube.

By making use of video-based content on your social streams and website you are able to rank higher in these search engines.


How to use video in marketing?

As a marketing video production company, we are often asked how a video can be used in marketing. You need to have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve with your video, who your video is for and what your video is communicating.

Marketing videos are a powerful tool used to bolster the public perception of a product or service your company is offering.


Why is Video Marketing so Effective?

Video production provides accessibility and engagement that can’t be offered by traditional forms of content such as written copy and images.

People are consuming video content at an alarming rate from their phones and smart devices, even the laziest buyers can be convinced by an informative and interesting video offering. It allows us to break down complex topics in a way that is digestible.

3 Steps to Ensure a Successful Explainer Video

Step One - Research

When approaching an explainer video production, the devil is in the details. 

Before any sort of filming can take place you need to do some comprehensive research. 

We start by identifying the problem you intend to address with your explainer video production project, thereafter we can establish who the video is for and where the video will be consumed.

Step Two - Production

Once the research has been completed and you’ve developed a brief, you need to find a marketing video production company to film and produce your explainer video.

Once the supplier has been found the filming and production process may start.

Be sure to communicate your needs to the supplier.

Step Three - Launch

As soon as your preferred marketing video production company has completed your video it’s time to start sharing your explainer video.

To ensure that it reaches its maximum ROI potential, a posting and content schedule needs to be set up.

This allows you to strategically plan how, where and when your video will be released. Track the analytics daily to see how your content is performing.

Tips to ensure your youtube or web series is successful

Is it Relevant?

Before you film or plan, you need to ask yourself if the topic of your web series is relevant to your company and to current online trends.

Once you’ve established this, it’s time to hit the drawing board, planning who your Youtube and/or Web series is for.

Schedule Everything

Once you have picked your preferred video marketing production company you need to build a schedule.

This includes everything from writing and filming to producing and launching.

Consistency is very important and your fan base will benefit from a well-planned schedule.


Producing your youtube or web series should be a collaborative effort between yourself, a marketing video production company and your viewers.

This will ensure that your viewers feel heard and aid in the engagement brought on by your video marketing content.

Three Steps to Ensure a Successful Video Marketing Campaign

Step One - Be consistent

When it comes to video marketing production and campaigns consistency is of the utmost importance.

To ensure that your posting and production remains consistent you may need to set out a posting and production schedule and follow it religiously.

Step Two - Tutorials and Explainers

Make use of tutorials and explainer videos in your video marketing production.

This will aid in educating the consumers of your video on the possible uses of your products and services as well as how they work and what they can do for the consumer.

Step Three - Entice Action

Call to action, easily forgotten, but very important.

Marketing video productions are produced in such a way that they educate consumers while also invoking desire within the. Once this desire has been established you need to provide consumers with a direction in which to follow.

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Latest Marketing Video Production Projects

We’ve worked on a multitude of marketing production projects that span across a wide variety of industries, we face each project with fresh eyes, ideas and aim to produce content that not only does its job effectively but communicates your message in an easy to understand and accessible package, here are some of the latest projects our production team have completed.