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Collective Mind Learner Management System

The collective mind learner management system was developed over the course of 20 years. Collective Mind’s main target market is large scale corporations and has the ability to accommodate over 20000 active users. The Learner management system is fully customizable and modular, it’s aim is to be the best solution for any company. We’ve ensured that the LMS is easy to use and integrate into your current workforce.

A Tailor-Made LMS Solution

Collective Mind LMS was developed over 20 years and has grown in functionality with each new organisation. It is the perfect solution for any large company looking for unique features and functionality. It can facilitate multiple LMS portals, integrate with existing systems and can be developed as a modular system, allowing for infinite growth. The LMS is capable of hosting over 20 000 users at a time and is optimised for performance.

Collective Mind Features

The Collective Mind learner management system makes use of a variety of essential features. These features ensure that you have full control over your learner’s journey while also motivating them to learn more effectively.

Learning Path Custimisation

Fully customisable learning paths with 4 levels of control: qualifications, courses, modules and learning items. Schedule learning times, access control and add documents to the various learning paths.

Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic reporting allows you full control over the system data displayed to users. These data reports are also downloadable in a variety of formats such as CSV, Word and PDF

User Management

Collective Mind LMS allows you full control over users, from restricting, deleting and/or promoting users to moderators. Ensure that your users have access to the correct content at all times.

LMS Security

Collective Mind LMS ensures that each profile is protected by an encrypted password, behaviour tracking and backend tracking. Anti-cheat functionality has also been integrated to ensure that work is done truthfully and accurately.


Gamification functionality motivates the users to learn through creating friendly competitiveness with the learning community. This is done by awarding the users with various achievements and rewards while also tracking scores with a leaderboard.

Blended Learning

Through blended learning, you can integrate your learner management system into traditional and practical learning experiences to allow for further tracking and more thorough testing and learning.

System Notifications

The learner management system can be customised to prompt various parts of the learning process. They can also be sent via email to alert users of new courses, modules, important dates and deadlines.

Custom Certificates

The learner management system allows you to generate fully customisable certificates for each course, user or department. These certificates can be set to be awarded at the end of various courses or modules.

Insights and Tracking

Collective Mind LMS offers comprehensive tracking functionality. This allows you to understand how your users are learning, how far they are and what they are working on. This gives insights into problem areas that the learners may be facing.

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Specialised Functionality

Are you a business that makes use of specialised training? Chat to us!

Collective Mind learner management system is constantly being upgraded to ensure that all of our users are catered to. Due to the modular nature of the LMS, our developers can custom develop functionality in line with your unique requirements, learning activities and outcomes.

Why an LMS? 

Learner management systems have been proven to deliver better quality learning and training for many years. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when making use of Collective Mind LMS:

Organised Learning

The LMS hosts all of your eLearning content in a single place, allowing you to categorise and sort learning content to your intended purpose. Organised learning leads to improved productivity.

Cost and Time Effective Learning

By making use of an LMS and eLearning content you can freely train employees at different times while also recycling your learning content. This cuts down the costs spent on traditional training and learning significantly.

Quality Employees

By providing employees with the ability to continually better themselves through training and learning you can produce better quality employees. This process also raises employee morale significantly through personal development.

Green Learning

The use of a learner management system and eLearning content greatly cuts down on carbon emissions and the use of paper. This will aid in lightening the carbon footprint of your company. The future is eco friendly and filled with personal development.

Collective Mind LMS Integration Process

Collective Mind’s integration is designed to be as hassle-free as possible. The process starts with a meeting focused on establishing your requirements. Once the meeting has concluded we will begin building a custom interface for your LMS which will include your company’s relevant branding and CI. After the custom interface has been completed we can start populating the learner management system with learning content that you have provided, to start the development of new content for the LMS. After the population process has been completed various staff members appointed by your company will be trained on how to operate the LMS. Thereafter we can begin to enrol your employees onto the system so that they may start their learning journey.

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