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We are a specialised business-to-business content production agency. We take a clever, creative and no-bullsh*t approach to creating honest client-customer content.

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Aerial/Drone Photography for Grindrod intermodal distro centers Aerial Shot for Grindrod Steel, Located in Durban, South Africa. SEE MORE Shipping Containers Drone Photography, Tipler 3 bridge construction site Shot for Peri located in Langebaan, South Africa. SEE MORE Tippler 3 Bridge Construction Architecture Photography, TEMI - Etwatwa RDP Housing Shot for TEMI Construction, Benoni, ZA SEE MORE Etwtwa RDP Housing

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography enables you to fully capture the size and scale of your facilities from a host of vantage points.

Mine Blasting Photography

Capture your process from setup to detonation and everything in between to showcase your mine blasting capabilities.

Drone Photography

Through drone photography, we are able to capture stunning images from great heights and less accessible areas.

A different perspective on the world.

Latest Technology: We use the latest in 4K drone technology to bring you the most high-quality drone footage available.

Well Travelled: Our team has travelled and filmed with drones in multiple countries, we understand all the logistics and documentation required.

Compliant: Our team has had extensive Health and Safety training which allows us to film in more compromising spaces such as from a crane or rooftop.

Industries we serve:

  • Property Development (Property Induction)
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Power Generation
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Explosives
  • Mining
  • Individual 
  • Small Business 

Standard Full Day Rates and Turnaround

  • Full-Day Rate including Editing – 5 Day Turnaround Time
  • Half-Day Rate Including Editing – 3 Day Turnaround Time
  • Full-Day Rate excluding editing – 1 Day Turnaround Time
  • Half-Day Rate excluding editing – 1 Day Turnaround Time

Need something photographed from a bird’s eye view?

Aerial/Drone Photography Portfolio