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Top eLearning in South Africa

Our eLearning developers have years of experience in successfully creating some of the top eLearning in South Africa. We have worked on learning projects for a wide variety of clients from large-scale multinationals focused on export training to smaller companies focused on soft skills training. Apart from eLearning content development we also offer two dynamic learning management system solutions, Collective Mind LMS and Friendly LMS.

What Can eLearning Do For Your Company

eLearning in South Africa makes company training accessible to your employees through the use of a learner management system that can be accessed from any smart device with a stable internet connection.

By allowing your employees to train on their own terms, they are able to learn more effectively.

eLearning also enables your company to save costs as opposed to traditional learning methods. While also reaping the rewards of well-trained and knowledgeable employees.

eLearning Content Options

Through the use of instructional design, our eLearning developers are able to establish which forms of media would be best suited to your learning activities and outcome(s). We make use of the following mediums:

Stock Videos

By using stock footage from our extensive database we are able to provide supplementary footage to aid in communicating the learning content.


Images serve to bolster the learning content by presenting images relevant to the subject matter.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos provide your learners with a clear visual understanding of specific processes, topics or items and have been found to be very effective in the learning process.

Talking Head Video

Talking head videos serves as a great introduction to the course material and simulate the feeling of a traditional lesson.


Infographics are a great way to communicate statistical data in a manageable and digestible format through their use of eye-catching graphics.

Learning Games

Learning games make use of a principle known as gamification which motivates learners through badges, and achievements.

Text-Based Materials

Text-based materials aim to compress bigger pieces of information into condensed bits of text that effectively communicate the subject matter to learners.

Audio And Voice Over

Voice-over is a great supplementary medium that fits in with any form of content. Its aim is to better explain the subject matter presented in your language of choice.


Animation is one of the best mediums of content with its ability to communicate complex learning topics in a digestible, engaging and fun manner.

Need eLearning Content Developed?

Who is eLearning For?

eLearning has gained increasing popularity for training and skills development in a wide variety of industries. As experienced an experienced eLearning company in South Africa we have sharpened our skill sets to serve clients in the following industries: Large scale corporate companies, Manufacturers, Medical and Pharmaceutical companies, Property developers, Sales agencies and many more. We pride ourselves on our ability to continually evolve and develop some of the best eLearning in South Africa. If you do not see your industry mentioned above, make contact with us, we are up for the challenge. 

The Four Adult Learning Personalities

There are four distinct adult learning personalities, these personalities dictate what motivates students to learn. Below is a breakdown of each learning personality as well as a short explanation of how our eLearning content assists in motivating them

Personal Development

Individuals with a personal development learning personality are driven by their need to better themselves and develop new skills. We motivate these learners by enabling them to track their learning progress as well as providing them with the tools to set learning goals and receive achievements for reaching their goals. Certificates of completion can also be generated as proof of their learning journey.


Competitive learning personalities are motivated through friendly competitiveness within their learning community. The best way to motivate these learners is through implementing a structure into the LMS known as gamification. Gamification makes use of a points system, leaderboards, badges and awards to motivate learners to compete against each other within their learning journey.


Affiliation personalities are motivated through the learning community, the betterment of all learners as a unit and reaching a collective learning goal. We motivate these types of learners by setting up learning forums wherein learners are able to assist one another with difficult learning topics and interact with one another during their learning journey.


Completionist personalities are motivated by completing their eLearning courses in full. We motivate these learners by including milestones and achievements awarded as they complete the relevant modules. We also make use of the same progress tracking tools to ensure that they know how far they are from reaching key milestones.

We Develop SCORM Compliant Learning Content

Our eLearning content developers produce content that is SCORM compliant, meaning that the content can easily integrate with any learning management system. If you require any Learning management services, click here to browse our LMS offerings.

eLearning Instructional Design

Instructional design is all about alignment, our eLearning content developers make use of Bloom’s taxonomy and Merril’s principles of learning. This allows them to design learning activities that are aligned with your intended learning outcome as well as your student’s learning styles. By doing this we develop content that leads to more effective and thorough learning.

The Practical Applications of eLearning 

eLearning in South Africa serves to make any form of training or learning more engaging and effective. eLearning is purposefully developed to overcome problems associated with learners’ motivation, interest, engagement and information retention. We have found great success in providing companies with practical solutions for their training and skills development needs. Below are a few examples of such solutions:

Soft Skills Development

Soft skills development is made easy through the use of recyclable eLearning materials, accessible by all of your employees.

Health and Safety Training

By turning your health and safety training into eLearning you place community responsibility on your employees while training them more efficiently and thoroughly.

Specialised Skills Training

Specialised skills training can be turned into dynamic eLearning content to train new employees and refresh the knowledge of existing ones.

Tertiary Learning

Turning tertiary curriculums into eLearning modules allow students to access and learn from virtually anywhere, from any smart device with an internet connection.

Product/Service Training

Effectively train employees on new products and services and refresh their knowledge of existing ones through the use of eLearning.

Systems Training

Make systems training more efficient through the use of eLearning with built-in questionnaires and interactive practical activities.

Want to take your training to the next level?

eLearning Content Development Process

Each new eLearning content development project starts with an intensive briefing process giving us an idea of the parameters and exactly how far we can push them. Thereafter we enter a Six-step process which runs as follows:

Step 1 – Learning
Step 2 – Script Writing / Storyboard
Step 3 – Content Building
Step 4 – First Content Draft
Step 5 – Second content Draft
Step 6 – Final Product

What is eLearning? 

Electronic learning or virtual learning are structured modules of learning aimed at skills development and effective learning with an added bonus of accessibility. Students can learn more effectively in environments that they feel comfortable in at their own pace.  Read more about eLearning here.

Benefits of eLearning

eLearning has been found to minimize costs and time spent training by making learning accessible to all employees at any time. Because learning is accessible at any time from any smart device, employees learn more effectively. This boosts morale and increases employee productivity. Read more about the benefits of eLearning here.

This produces higher-quality employees. Read more about the benefits of eLearning here.

Why eLearning is important?

Adult learning is focused on accessibility and motivation. eLearning optimises for both concepts through the application of adult learning principles and responsive eLearning content. Content that is accessible from any device without the need for a rigid training schedule.

Why use eLearning?

eLearning has many fundamental benefits that are important to your company for the following reasons: eLearning saves time and costs spent on learning and training. It produces better employees and raises employee morale. eLearning can be reused, it is modular and green. If you want to know more about why eLearning is important click here.

Latest eLearning Articles

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