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Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard Animation Johannesburg

Our animators have a keen understanding of how to communicate complex topics. One of our favoured methods of communicating these topics is whiteboard animation. As one of the top animation studios in Johannesburg, we believe that animation can effectively communicate complex topics and systems both internally and externally.

Whiteboard animation focuses on explaining subject matter through drawing. These drawings are done in conjunction with pre-recorded voice-overs and animate appropriate topics that match the topic discussed. These whiteboard animations present complex topics in a fun and absorbable manner which leads to viewers having a better understanding of the subject or system discussed.

We produce various Whiteboard Animations:

Internal Procedure Training

Need to train your staff or present new intercompany procedures? Whiteboard animations make easy work of explaining topics to viewers through a mixture of audio and visual elements.

Addressing uncomfortable Topics

Uncomfortable topics are never easy to discuss, upgrade your HR department’s approach by utilising whiteboard animation to address uncomfortable topics and regulations.

Explainer Videos

Need to provide viewers with a guide on how to use a product, service, application or how a policy works? Make use of whiteboard animation for an easy to digest guide.

Service/Product Videos

Showcase and explain services or products offered by your company through whiteboard animation. Not only are they fun and digestible but educated buyers are eager buyers.

Marketing Videos

Give your marketing videos an interesting twist by integrating whiteboard animation into your marketing force. These videos are engaging and fun, they’ll make you stand out among the rest.

Boring Topics

Be the star of your next boardroom meeting. Make boring topics more interesting and fun by turning them into enjoyable and captivating whiteboard animations.

Whiteboard Animation Saves Time and Money

Whiteboard animation cuts down on time and money spent on production compared to traditional methods of video production. Once the script has been confirmed and signed off, our experienced animators can start producing your whiteboard animation. Scripts are recorded in-house at our studio and 1st drafts could be expected in as little as 4-7 working days depending on the length of the animated video as well as the topic complexity.

Need an Animation for Your Company?

Make Whiteboard Your Own

As one of the top animation studios in Johannesburg, we’ve worked on many whiteboard animation projects. This has given us a great understanding of how animated videos should flow. Whiteboard animations are full of opportunities for branding allowing you to make the animations your own. From sporting your company’s colours to adding logos. Whiteboard animations are short and informative, a great tool for marketing on television and social platforms.

Make your Company Human

The way people interact with your company is very important. You want people to look at you and feel a connection. Whiteboard animation coupled with excellent storytelling offers a great way for you to connect with your current and future clients. By making use of relevant characters, pop culture references and a dash of humour you can make your videos more engaging. This is because your animated video provides people with things they can relate to. Our scriptwriters produce excellent stories that boost your interaction with people. Humanise your company with whiteboard animation today, check out our animation showreel to see what we’ve been up to.

People Love Animated Video Content

Animations, videos and images are the three most engaging types of content found on social media. More than 60% of consumers have stated that after watching an animated video that they are more likely to purchase a product or service. Making use of animated content such as whiteboard animations only stands to better your company, its message and rate of conversion.

Interested in Getting an Animation Produced?

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