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Our developers have worked for years to produce solid, well-integrated and accessible learner management system offerings. Our two LMS options offer a host of essential features as well as specialised advanced features.

What is a Learner Management System?

learner management system or LMS is a web-based platform that aims to document, organize, track and host eLearning content. An LMS could be seen as an online university or study platform. Learner management systems not only present the learning content to users but also allow moderators to gain insights into how the users are learning, how well they are doing and how far they are in their learning journeyLearner management systems make learning easily accessible by allowing the users to access from any smart device with a stable internet connection.

Our LMS Essential Features

Our learner management systems have been in development for over 10 years, with constant advances and upgrades being added to the software. Here are some of the essential features offered by our learner management systems.


Reporting and insights allow you to track your learner's progress, score and growth through their learning journey. It also enables you to highlight problem areas within your company or learners' knowledge.

Anti Cheat Systems

Anti-cheat systems ensure that the learners making use of the LMS and learning content are doing so fairly and honestly without any outside advantages. This is done to ensure that the learning is accurate and effective.

Content Audit Trails

Content audit trails allow you to keep track of all of the learning content hosted on your LMS, this includes the versions and possible updates or changes that have been made to any documents, content, profiles or courses on your LMS.

Responsive Design

Our learning management system has been optimised for responsive design, ensuring that the system and content will work seamlessly across all smart devices. This provides further accessibility to all learners making use of the LMS.

Branding Capabilities

Our LMS offerings have various degrees of branding capabilities ensuring that you are able to customise them to fit your company. This can also be leveraged to promote your LMS outside of your organisation.

Document Management Systems

The built-in document management system allows you to store and organise documents safely while managing document audits, version control and access.


Gamification functionality allows us to better motivate the learners on the learning management system through friendly competitiveness brought on by customizable awards, achievements and leaderboards.

Certificate Generation

After fully completing courses certificates can be generated, customised and automated for easy distribution. The certificates can be customised to match the course, company and time spent.

User Roles

User role functionality allows you to assign dedicated roles to individual learners and users. This ensures that the right content is accessible to the right users. Admin roles can also be assigned to relevant parties.

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LMS Boosts Productivity

Employees with access to a learning management system can constantly develop their skills and learn how to better manage themselves, their time and their workload which could lead to higher employee morale and ultimately higher productivity. 

We strongly believe that the future of employee training and skills development lies within accessible learning and learner management systems

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Advanced LMS Features

As mentioned, our LMS offerings are constantly being upgraded. We offer additional advanced features that cater for specialised learning and training. Below is a list of advanced features we offer, if you require anything not listed below get in contact with one of our team members for more info.

POE Module

Many businesses offer specialised training that requires certain certifications. These certifications can be submitted by users through a built-in POE module for processing and verification, before accessing course materials.

SCORM Tester

SCORM tester functionality would be used by companies developing and publishing their own eLearning content on the learning management system. The SCORM tester allows you to test the learning content before launching it to users.

Authoring Tool

Authoring tool functionality allows various moderators, and subject matter experts to collaborate on eLearning courses in a centralised location, all from the backend of the LMS. Perfect for teams looking to develop eLearning in-house.

AICC Integration

Many skills and courses are standardised throughout industries, to save time AICC integration allows you to stream relevant courses from external sources right to your LMS, perfect for soft skills training.

Webinar Functionality

Built-in webinar functionality allows you to stream directly from virtual meeting software such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams directly to your LMS. This could be integrated with learning for group training and blended learning.


Micro-Learning plays a big role in employee orientation and administration. Automating simplified learning items on trivial yet essential functions within the business will aid tremendously in employee productivity.

Collective Mind LMS is our large scale offering allowing for up to 20 000 active users. Collective Mind is a bespoke system with unparalleled customization and systems integration options. Collective Mind LMS offers both rental/cloud-based hosting and On-Premise/Purchase based hosting.

Friendly LMS is a derivative of the Collective Mind LMS, a scaled-down, budget offering for smaller companies and businesses. Friendly LMS is easy to set up and offers great customization and branding options. Friendly LMS offers cloud and rental based hosting services.

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why LMS is Important?

Learner management systems offer unparalleled accessibility and organisation for your learning and training content while also allowing you to track the user statistics. These insights allow you to identify key areas within your course material and training processes that require improvement.

Who uses LMS?

Learner management systems have been used by tertiary education for many years but have also found widespread use among small, medium and large scale companies. These companies have found great benefits in using LMS and eLearning to conduct their employee training and skills development.

How does a learning management system work?

Learner management system or LMS is software that hosts eLearning content. The LMS can then provide in-depth statistics and reporting on the user’s learning journey as well as make use of features such as gamification to motivate learners. Learner management systems make learning accessible and effective.

How LMS helps students?

Learner management systems have been proven to increase the learner’s retention of the training material. This is due to the fact that optimal learning takes place at different times for different learners. This allows learners to study in a space in which they are comfortable and at their own pace

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