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We are a specialised business-to-business content production agency. We take a clever, creative and no-bullsh*t approach to creating honest client-customer content.

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Production Company South Africa

A Leading Production Company in South Africa

We’re a specialised production company in South Africa with locations in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Our team is experienced in producing a host of dynamic content meant for television, film, commercial and web-based use. We have over 10 years of experience as a production company offering a complete turn-key solution for all your content production needs.

Our extensive portfolio is proof that we are more than a one-trick pony. Want to work with us? Request a Quote.

Short Film Production

A short film production can be taxing and overwhelming, so why not make use of our crew to lighten your load? From cinematographers and to DOP’s down to gaffers and grips.

Television Production

Working on your next hit TV series? Make use of our experienced production crew to ensure that pre-production, filming and post-production go as smoothly as possible.

Lifestyle Series Production

Take advantage of our production team to produce a dynamic lifestyle series from cooking and travel to health, leisure, beauty and shopping.

TV Commercial Production

Our production team is able to produce compelling story driven TV commercials meant to draw attention to your company, products, services or causes.

Web Series Production

Produce full webisodes for your webseries with our experienced production team, including exports for a variety of different streaming platforms.

Youtube Series Production

We produce high quality content specifically optimised for use on Youtube, including educational, personal, vlogs, etc.

Need a Professional Production Team for your Project?

Top Production Company in South Africa

As a top production company in South Africa, we have a stellar production team. Below is a lifestyle series we recently produced featuring beauty, shopping, travel, glamour and luxury cars. The series follows our client showcasing the luxury and wealth that South Africa has to offer.

Fashion Fair House TV Episode: One

In this episode, our client visits Bellagio Jewelers nestled in the heart of Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton. They talk about watches, diamonds and precious metals. Mohammed also shares some insight into the business as well as what they aim to achieve.

Full Video

Fashion Fair House TV Episode: Two

Our client visits Platinum Wheels a car dealership specialising in the most luxurious and exotic cars in South Africa. Our client meets up with the owners to talk about the birth of Platinum Wheels, where they are heading and what their cars are made of.

Full Video

Fashion Fair House TV Episode: Three

Our client spends a night in the stunning Seven Villa Hotel and Spa experiencing their delicious food, wine, rooms and cigar lounge. She also talks to the Seven Villa Hotel owner Garnet about the history of their beautiful haven tucked away in the heart of Johannesburg.

Full Video

Fashion Fair House TV Episode: Four

Our client visits The Style Loft in Sandton City a long-term pop-up that gives small businesses specialising in high-end goods a brick-and-mortar space to sell their goods. We chat with the owner about the inspiration behind The Style Loft and their plans for the future.

Full Video

Fashion Fair House TV Episode: Five

Our client spends a day at the renowned Woodlands Spa, followed by an interview with the manager about their tranquil offering. Thereafter, we follow our client on an impromptu trip to breathtaking Cape Town for a luxurious getaway filled with stunning food, wine and new friends.

Full Video

Our Six-Step Video Production Process:

Step One - Production Planning

Throughout the first step of the production process, our production team sets out to gain insight into the project by answering a list of questions: who will be involved with the project, what will be needed for the project from start to finish, where will filming be taking place, what is the proposed timeline for the project, and what are you aiming to accomplish with your production

By answering these questions, a conclusive production plan can be laid out. This plan will help steer the project toward a successful conclusion and ensure that all of the people involved are on the same page during the production process.

Step Two - Script Writing

Once the production planning step has been concluded the scriptwriting can begin. The scriptwriting process is the most important part of any production project. Without a solid narrative driving your production, no amount of quality cinematography or visual effects will help. 

Through storytelling, you can influence and sway your audience’s minds and ensure greater success for your project. Our team includes talented script and copywriters with years of experience and a passion for stories.

Step Three - Communication and Collaboration

In the third step, our production team presents the first draft of the script. This opens up a collaborative space wherein we ensure that all of the stakeholders involved are satisfied with what has been scripted. This also gives space to include certain brands or investors within the script. 

Once the script has been adjusted with the proposed updates and brand guidelines, the final script is produced and distributed between the production team and stakeholders.

Step Four - Visual Preparation:

Once the script and production plan has been finalised, the team moves forward with the final stage of pre-production planning. Our production team starts by conducting a table reading, wherein all of the actors and crew familiarise themselves with the script. Once concluded, a storyboard is developed to aid in visualising the production

Thereafter, a shot list is produced for each part of the script to prepare the crew and ensure that the filming of your production project runs smoothly.

Step Five - Filming

With the script, storyboard and shot list in hand filming can commence. Our production team plans each shot to ensure we capture exactly what is needed. The gear such as lighting, lenses, cameras and other requirements are packed and checked beforehand to allow for quick setup times between takes. 

Depending on the scale of the production, filming may take up to several days, planning and sticking to a strict timeline is paramount in this step.

Step Six - Post-production:

After filming has been concluded and the editing process commences, it is important to communicate any special requirements to our production team to ensure that our editors have a clear understanding of how the story should flow, which music and effects to use and what is required to finalise the product. 

Once the content has been edited and reviewed, a final draft will be produced and the video can be exported by our editors to suit your specific needs: be it for web, television or streaming platforms.

Need a Team for a Unique Production?

Creating video that speaks to people

One-stop-shop: We have all of our equipment and facilities which enables us to streamline the production process while simultaneously cutting down on unnecessary expenses.

Equipment: We utilise the latest industry-standard video production, photography equipment and software.

Crew: Our team has extensive experience across multiple industries and clients spanning decades of deadlines.

Travelling: Our team has travelled the globe extensively, ranging from most of Africa to various locations across Europe for video and photography content production, with our team’s worldly experience with multiple cultures and landscapes we have become well-versed in our respective fields.

Storytellers: Our team consists of highly experienced marketers and communications experts, which gives us the edge when it comes to creating marketing content and material for the web.

Industries We Serve:

Intergovernmental Organisations
Transport & Logistics
Power Generation

Standard Day Rates and Turnaround

Full-Day Rate including Editing – 5-Day Turnaround Time
Half-Day Rate Including Editing – 3-Day Turnaround Time

Full-Day Rate excluding editing – 1 Day Turnaround Time
Half-Day Rate excluding editing – 1 Day Turnaround Time

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