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Health and Safety Video Production – Solar Mining Services

Health and Safety Video Production – Explosives Manufacturing

This health and safety video production project was filmed at Solar Mining Services a state-of-the-art explosives manufacturing facility, located in Middelburg, South Africa, and forms part of one of the six plants situated throughout Africa. They are India’s largest manufacturer of industrial explosives and initiating systems, as well as one of the largest manufacturing facilities of detonating cords and cast boosters in the world.

Being a manufacturer of explosives and volatile products, a health and safety video production project is crucial for employees, visitors and contractors. There are two primary cardinal safety rules put in place. First, zero infliction of harm to people and the environment is customary. This means that every person on site is given the right and responsibility to stop any unsafe act/condition immediately. Second, a time allocation is put in place to always ensure sufficient time to complete the work safely.

A part of an employee’s duty at the plant is working at unusual heights and in confined spaces. A full risk assessment, training program and correct PPE are mandatory for employees that work under these circumstances, and procedural compliance must be constant. Other important regulations, such as isolation requirements, permit to work, legal compliance and behaviour-based safety are highlighted in this health and safety video production project. There are many high-risk elements that require mitigation measures. These include hazardous chemicals, explosives, heat, mobile equipment and electricity.

By conducting thorough induction training through the use of a health and safety video production project you are able to ensure that all employees, contractors and visitors making use of your site are fully educated on your health and safety procedures.

This in return leads to lower cases of injury or illnesses.

Did you know?

Many explosives applied in mining use fertilizers as an explosive component. First, a small amount of explosive compound is used to create a detonation wave. This extreme high-energy wave rapidly vaporises ammonium nitrate within the fertilizer, and the molecules break down to form a large amount of O2 which, together with the detonation wave, aggressively ignites the fuel.

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