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We are a specialised business-to-business content production agency. We take a clever, creative and no-bullsh*t approach to creating honest client-customer content.

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Nigerian Fishmonger - Documentary Photography Nigerian Woman selling fish.
Shot for the NEPAD Documentary.
VIEW PROJECT The Art Of Capturing People
Industrial Photography, Kal tire underground mine Underground platinum mining vehicle, South Africa. VIEW PROJECT Underground Mining Vehicle Industrial Photography, Buhler factory worker Bühler steel welder finishing off a de Beers diamond sorting box. VIEW PROJECT Steel Welding

Architecture Photography

Full spectrum architectural photography, from corporate shots to abstract photography, and every building and location in between.

Construction Photography

Professional construction photography - tailored to any site, product or service.

Industrial Photography

We offer high-end industrial photo shoots for every industry, product or landscape.

Portrait Photography

Professional portrait photography - from black and white photos to corporate headshots.

Fine Art Photography

We offer high-end artistic photography covering people, places, art, and abstract photos.

Product Photography

Dynamic product photography services from complex products to 360° product photoshoots, and eCommerce alike.

Documentary Photography

High-end documentary photography offered by a highly experienced and well travelled team covering your cause whether corporate or social.

Aerial/Drone Photography

Aerial/Drone photography using the latest drone camera technology - perfect for industrial, national or construction sites.

Interior Photography

Full spectrum interior design photography covering architectural interiors, real estate and retail.

Professional Photography

Storytellers: Our photographers take what they do very seriously, tapping into the emotion, setting and ambience of any given subject to provide you with an image that tells a story worth a thousand words.

Experienced: With over 10 years of experience between our skilled photographers they have captured breathtaking photos in a wide variety of landscapes, environments and countries alike. Coming into close contact with individuals from all walks of life which in return has given them the ability to capture stunning images of almost any subject.

Equipment: Our team has all of the latest necessary gear to produce stunning photographs in a host of different situations and environments, we pride ourselves in our versatility and keen ability to provide you with the best possible content.

Industries We Serve:

Property Development (Property Induction)
Small, Medium and Large Businesses
Industrial Manufacturing
Transport & Logistics
Food Manufacturing
Power Generation

Standard Full Day Rates and Turnaround

Full-Day Rate including Editing – 10 Day Turnaround Time
Half-Day Rate Including Editing – 5 Day Turnaround Time
Full-Day Rate excluding editing – 1 Day Turnaround Time
Half-Day Rate excluding editing – 1 Day Turnaround Time

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