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Health and Safety Video Production

Health and Safety Video Production

An approach that covers all aspects of safety compliance from health and environment to quality control, focusing on company-wide practices such as waste management and recycling. This type of Health and Safety Video Production is also referred to as SHEQ, HSE, OSHA or SHE Video.

Worksafe Induction Videos

Focused on the promotion of a safe work environment, with a special emphasis on employee safety, prevention of hazards and risk mitigation in the workplace.

Specialised High-Risk Health and Safety

A Thorough approach on a single specialised or high-risk task such as chemical-related work or working with explosives.

Employee Health and Safety Induction

Our most comprehensive SHE video production as your employee often comes into contact with the largest high-risk areas within your business.

Visitor Health and Safety Induction

Focused on general health and safety that a visitor might encounter while on site such as site or facility rules, PPE, and emergency protocols.

Contractor Health and Safety Induction

Similar characteristics to an employee SHE Video, the main difference is the focus is more on contractor-specific rules such as permit-to-work, etc.

Safety doesn’t happen by accident!

Compliant: Our team has had comprehensive Health and Safety training spanning across every major industry. Our lead cameraman is also certified to work at heights.

Experienced: Our team has filmed extensively in difficult and dangerous situations such as Confined Spaces, Working at heights, Chemicals Handling, Extreme Temperatures, Underground, and every space in between.

PPE: Our team has had valuable safety training and we have our own PPE.

Industries We Serve:

Property Development (Property Induction)
Industrial Manufacturing
Transport & Logistics
Food Manufacturing
Power Generation


Standard Full Day Rates and Turnaround

Full-Day Rate including Editing – 5 Day Turnaround Time
Half-Day Rate Including Editing – 3 Day Turnaround Time
Full-Day Rate excluding editing – 1 Day Turnaround Time
Half-Day Rate excluding editing – 1 Day Turnaround Time

We can help you create a great Health and Safety Video

What is Health and Safety?

Health and safety is a general set of guidelines and procedures put in place to ensure that a company and its workers follow the rules provided by the occupational health and safety act of 1993

The safety and well being of the company and its employees depend on thorough health and safety training as well as continued adherence.

Why Health and Safety is Important

Complete health and safety training is integral to the safety and well being of your employees.
These guidelines provide employees with in-depth information on how to operate and proceed while fulfilling their daily duties in a way that promotes safety not only for themselves but for their fellow employees as well.

Why Health and Safety is Important in the Workplace?

Through health and safety training you are able to protect your employees from injury, illness or distress. A Safe Workplace is a happy workplace, as well as a legal one. If your company does not comply with the occupational health and safety act of 1993 you will be liable for prosecutions, fines, loss of business or even imprisonment.

Our 12-Step Health and Safety Video Production Process

1. Health and Safety Plan

A Health and safety plan is a detailed document that lists the potential hazards posed by your company’s facilities and equipment as well as the procedures meant to prevent and mitigate injury, illness or distress caused by these hazards.

Having a full health and safety plan is integral to ensuring that your employees are safe within the workplace.

2. Health and Safety Video Production Company

Health and safety video production is a specialised skill that requires an experienced supplier. Experienced suppliers will ensure that the content produced is in line with legal and industry standards.

Content produced by experienced suppliers will ensure thorough training of your employees, Contractors and Visitors leading to a safer workplace for all.

3. Health and Safety Checklist

A competent health and safety video production company should be able to supply you with a well thought out health and safety checklist.

Once the checklist is completed it will be used in conjunction with your health and safety plan to assist you in creating a comprehensive health and safety video, that covers every aspect of health and safety that a visitor, contractor or employee might encounter while on site.

4. Health and Safety Scriptwriting

When your preferred health and safety video production company starts the scriptwriting process, it is important to communicate the type of health and safety video that you are aiming to produce.

This will ensure that the information provided is direct and applicable to the environments the above individuals may come into contact with.

5. Health and Safety Shotlist

Once a script, a checklist and a health and safety plan has been produced you can use all of these tools to produce a detailed shot list.

This will ensure that your video captures each aspect of the health and safety process clearly which leads to better training.

6. Site Preparation

Ensuring that the site is cleaned, packed neatly and prepared for the health and safety video production project will warrant effective filming, free of unnecessary delays or additional filming days.

Ensure that the correct signage is up and that PPE is freely accessible where required.

7. Team Preparation

Ensure that your team is fully briefed before the shoot day and that they are aware of the proceedings for the day.

When a team is properly prepared, filming can proceed in a manner that is effective and free of mistakes. Incorrect PPE or procedures could result in reshooting or film delays.

8. Shoot Day

The shoot day will follow the shot list and checklist religiously ensuring that everything regarding the health and safety process is covered.

The client should ensure that sufficient, clean and usable PPE is available to all employees and individuals appearing in the video.

9. Edit and First Draft

After filming has been concluded, ensure that the health and safety video production supplier has access to your branding documentation or company corporate identity this will ensure that the editing style follows your company’s brand guidelines.

After the first draft has been completed it will be sent through to the client for review.

10. Second, Third and Final Draft

Once the client has reviewed the first draft the changes will be applied and reworked to adhere to the client’s needs.

This process could be repeated up to three times to ensure that the fourth and final draft is in line with the client’s vision and health and safety compliance needs.

11. Health and Safety Video Launch

Once the final video has been produced you may start your relevant induction training.

Make note of employee, visitor and contractor feedback to ensure that your video is clear and covers all of the necessary health and safety procedures.

12. Keeping your Health and Safety Video up to Date

As an experienced health and safety video production company, we keep a catalogue of footage, designs and working files used to produce your video.

This means that as your company grows or changes we are able to film the segments and easily add them to your existing health and safety video.

Latest Health and Safety Projects

Health and Safety is an integral part of any company regardless of the industry, it can be a complicated topic with so many moving parts and varying perspectives between industries, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some of the most recent HSE projects our team has produced.