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Health and Safety Induction Training Video – FNB Data Centre


Health and Safety Induction Training Video – FNB Data Centre

Oliver Karstel was tasked with the production of a comprehensive health and safety induction training video for one of FNB’s data centres based in Gauteng, South Africa. First National Bank is one of the leading banking services in South Africa with a custom-centric service suite that provides customers with the latest in banking services and technology. This data centre plays a big role in this service by facilitating the transfer and housing of important data. 

This video started with a comprehensive planning meeting where we covered all the processes and procedures necessary to run the facility as safe as possible. A comprehensive shot list was created beforehand to ensure every opportunity for filming was taken advantage of. In the case of this project, we had limited access to the site, which meant we could only film parts of the operation. This was not an issue for us, as we had tons of archived footage to use in place of the shots we could not acquire. This included unbranded shots of various health and safety procedures. 

The video was filmed by a two-man crew over a one-day shoot. The video includes a professional voice artist, who was recorded in-house in our studio. The script was also written by our team along with all the motion graphics and designs which were developed by our design team. The FNB data centre team was a pleasure to work with. Our main contact helped facilitate the filming and script in a timely fashion, with prompt video feedback provided through each draft of the video


  • Script Writing
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • Voice Recording

Having filmed in such a state-of-the-art data centre was an eye-opening experience from the technology used to the teams and their specialised roles. The entire operation ran like a well-oiled machine, with health and safety at the forefront of their operations. 

With a health and safety video of this nature, it is fairly easy to repurpose it into smaller more dedicated videos. For example, a variant for contractors or visitors varies from employee induction. This keeps the video content targeted while saving valuable time and resources over the long run. It also ensures the viewers retain the training more effectively. 

Looking for a video production agency that understands the finer details of health and safety induction training videos? Get in contact with us.

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