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Marketing Video – NOMU AGOA Female Owned Winner 2021 (USAID)

marketing video

We were tasked with the production of a marketing video for the AGOA Exporter of the Year Awards. The video was centred around South African success NOMU, who won the female owned export business award for 2021. The project was funded by USAID, who also facilitated the awards show. The video focuses on their products, business philosophy and, and the journey it took to get them to where they are today, exporting products all over the globe, including the US. There is a large focus on the importance of quality control and product design. NOMU is a major South African export success story, with a footprint spanning across the globe, that only gets bigger with every year that passes. Their product packaging and design is second to none, which is a big contributor to their continued success.

For this video we collaborated with Sound Idea Digital, one of the leading video production company’s in South Africa. They have over thirty years of content production experience, and having collaborated with them before on multiple projects, it was a dream to work together on these videos. This video formed part of a series of videos for the AGOA Exporter of the Year Awards, which we have produced for two years running. Multiple videos across numerous businesses had to be shot and edited in preparation for the awards show and the accompanying live stream, which we also jointly facilitated with Sound Idea Digital. When filming multiple videos for a set deadline, it is of vital importance that all your planning is done as soon as possible. A video’s production value is directly influenced by the availability of resources, key members and locations. Which is why they must be planned in advance, to film every opportunity. With this project we had multiple film crews and editing teams, which meant we could produce multiple videos simultaneously without interruptions or delays to production.

marketing video

Videos are becoming increasingly popular for businesses looking to expand their export market, as they offer a visual representation of the product or service being sold. With videos, businesses have the opportunity to quickly and clearly communicate who they are and what they have to offer potential customers. By creating content with visuals and sound, potential customers can understand the message better than if it were just written text alone. Additionally, videos can reach audiences around the world who speak different languages, since subtitles can be added to facilitate communication across cultural boundaries. Videos help make export businesses more visible and accessible to a wider audience, while simplifying their value proposition. In addition, these videos also allow them to focus on quality control and export standards, which helps facilitate new business deals.

It was an absolute pleasure to film and collaborate with the NOMU team. Their operations are incredibly detailed and proficient, which comes through in their award winning export ready products.

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Marketing Video




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