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3D Animation Company in Johannesburg

One of the Top 3D Animation Companies in Johannesburg

As one of the leading 3D animation companies in Johannesburg, we offer comprehensive 3D animation services. 3D animation opens up a whole new realm of animated video production. It has the ability to be almost life-like and any environment, situation and action can be animated. 3D animation proves to be a powerful tool to use when filming may be difficult or hazardous. 

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We make use of 3D animation for the following applications:

Health and Safety Training

3D animation allows us to develop life-like training content even in situations that may prove dangerous to film or reenact.

Learning Material

Develop interactive and immersive learning material for a wide variety of topics through the use of life-like 3D animation.

Medical Training

Medical training is made easy by utilising 3D animation. We are able to animate a wide range of medical equipment and situations.

In-depth Product Videos

Take your product videos to the next level by creating immersive three-dimensional animated videos of your products.

Marketing Videos

Marketing videos developed through the use of 3D animation are eye-catching and make products or services more desirable.

Specialised Equipment and Services

3D animation can assist in creating comprehensive training courses for specialised equipment and services.

Why use 3D Character Animation?

As one of the top animation companies in Johannesburg, we’ve found that 3D animation is a powerful development tool. It promises more engaging content, people are visual creatures and have been found to be more captivated by 3D animated content. This leads to viewers engaging with the content for longer periods while also retaining more information as opposed to traditional methods.  3D animation also offers greater customization which allows us to produce 3D content to match any topic, environment and individual. The applications of 3D animation are vast.

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3D Animation for Marketing

Have you thought of using 3D character animation to bolster your marketing efforts? Animation offers an eye-catching solution that can be produced cost and time efficiently. You see traditional marketing video productions require actors, scriptwriters, filming days, substantial gear and many more. Animations on the other hand can be produced by a single person without even leaving the office. 3D Animation turns any information into enjoyable and digestible video content making it one of the strongest options for marketing. Demonstrate what your products and services are capable of in a way that is entertaining to your consumers.

3D Animation Is Recyclable

3D character animation has many functions and allows for widespread usability, functionality and recyclability. 3D animation is essentially modular, this means that the animated videos can easily be updated, extended or split into smaller pieces. By splitting your animated videos into smaller pieces you can easily incorporate them into future video projects. You could also use these shortened videos as social media content. 3D character animations offer an incredibly extended life span. Take a look at our animation showreel to see some of our past projects.

3D Animation Could Save Lives

3D Animation enables us to generate real-world environments and situations without leaving the office. This can be used to generate 3D animated health and safety video productions. Allowing for thorough real-world training for businesses operating within sectors that may present dangerous or hazardous environments. Ensure that your company’s employees are trained and ready for these environments in a comprehensive and accessible manner.

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