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2D Animation Studio

Top 2D Animation Studio Johannesburg

As a top 2D animation studio in Johannesburg, we’ve found that 2D animation is one of the most effective and accessible forms of animation. The use cases are vast and have the ability to turn virtually any topic into something captivating, enjoyable and easy to understand. We offer a host of 2D character animation services.

Our extensive portfolio is proof that we are more than a one-trick pony. Want to work with us? Request a Quote.

Some of our most popular 2D animation styles:

Product/Service Marketing

Marketing your products and services with the use of 2D character animation will make your products stand out among the rest.

Corporate Videos

Showcase your company with 2D animation to make your company feel more relatable and approachable to consumers.

Explainer Videos

Explain products, services and procedures to consumers through eye-catching, fun and digestible animated videos.

Training Videos

Training made engaging and enjoyable through eye-catching and thought-provoking 2D character animations.

Promotional Videos

Upgrade your social media platforms with 2D character animation for a higher engagement rate and ROI.

Complicated Topics

Need your viewers to have a better understanding of a complex topic? Use 2D character animation to make information more digestible and engaging.

Why use 2D Character Animation?

With 2D character animation virtually any topic can be tackled. As a 2D animation studio, our animators can create fully animated environments. They’re also skilled in creating accurate characters, equipment and objects through means of custom 2D illustrations. 2D character animation uses a blend of audio and visuals aspects to keep viewers engage and entertained while communicating a variety of topics. It has been found that 2D character animations offer a higher engagement rate on social media platforms due to their enjoyable and captivating nature.

Want to create a unique 2D Animation?

2D Animation for Marketing

Have you thought of using 2D character animation to bolster your marketing efforts? Animation offers an eye-catching solution that is time and cost-effective.  Traditional marketing video productions require actors, scriptwriters, filming, substantial gear and many more. Animations on the other hand can be produced by a single person without even leaving the office. 2D Animation turns any information into enjoyable and digestible video content making it one of the strongest options for marketing. Demonstrate what your products and services are capable of in a way that is entertaining to your consumers.

2D Animation Is Recyclable

2D character animation has many functions and allows for widespread usability, functionality and recyclability. 2D animation is essentially modular, meaning that videos can easily be updated, extended or split into smaller content pieces. By splitting your animated videos into smaller pieces you can easily incorporate them into future video projects. You could also use these shortened videos as social media content. 2D character animations offer an incredibly extended life span. Take a look at our animation showreel to see some of our past projects.

Soft Skills Training With 2D Animation

2D character animation can easily be applied to soft-skills training because of its ability to communicate the human side of skills development so effectively. Topics like interpersonal skills and workplace conflicts can be animated in creative ways so that employees are able to digest the information provided. Because soft skills training requires no certification, these animated courses can be easily produced and adjusted to fit your company’s work and brand culture, allowing you to train employees in a way that is best suited for your specific work environment. 

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