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Friendly LMS

Friendly LMS is a lighter version of our Collective Mind LMS. It was developed to specifically cater to smaller companies that are looking for a budget-friendly learning and training solution.

Friendly Learning Anywhere

The Friendly learner management system was developed to be responsive and accessible. It has been proven that students learn more effectively when the learning is conducted in the space and time that they feel most comfortable. Friendly LMS also features comprehensive blended learning and webinar functionality, allowing users full LMS access on the go.

Friendly Functionality

Friendly LMS is a simplified version of Collective Mind LMS that offers a host of functionality conducive to effective training and learning.


Friendly LMS aims to motivate its users through competitiveness brought on by the use of a rewards and achievement system, while also making use of a leaderboards system that tracks user scores and progression.

Bulk Uploads

The built-in bulk upload functionality allows system administrators to enroll and upload large amounts of users and learning content, saving you valuable time.

User Grouping

User grouping allows you to group users for targeted enrollment, document access and system communication. User grouping can also be combined with user roles to allow system users temporary access to more advanced system features and roles.

White Labeling

White labelling functionality allows you to make Friendly LMS your own. This is done by customising the colors and branding of the learner management system to suit your company's CI.

File Repository

Friendly LMS has a comprehensive file repository system that allows appointed users such as moderators or learners access to the various files that have been uploaded to the system as supporting learning content or documentation.

Learning Paths

Friendly LMS's custom learning path functionality allows you to dictate which courses and modules flow together. This gives you more control over the users learning journey and ultimately the learning outcomes.

Need a Learner Management System Today?

Need Friendlier Functionality?

The Friendly learner management system takes a modular approach.

This means that we can develop custom functionality to suit your company’s specific needs.
Because Friendly LMS is a derivative of the Collective Mind LMS we are also able to include its additional functionality with ease.

If you require any custom or additional functionality for your Friendly LMS, get in contact with one of our consultants today!

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Friendly Benefits

As mentioned, our LMS offerings are constantly being upgraded. We offer additional advanced features that cater for specialised learning and training. Below is a list of advanced features we offer, if you require anything not listed below get in contact with one of our team members for more info.

Know Your Learners

By analysing data provided by the tracking and reporting functions you can gain insight into how your learners are learning, progressing and what they are struggling with.

Gain Insights

By understanding your learners and their learning journey you can easily identify problem areas within the training that needs to be addressed or bolstered.

Friendly Employees

By providing your employees with the ability to empower and develop themselves you produce better quality employees with higher morale.

Save Costs and Time

By migrating to a learning management system and eLearning content you stand to save more time and money as opposed to traditional learning and training methods.

Want to take your training to the next level?

Budget Friendly LMS

Friendly LMS was developed for small companies that require affordable and effective learning and learner management systems.

That is why the Friendly learner management system is available in a variety of different packages that can be tailored to the needs of most budgets.
The main difference between the packages would be the hosting agreement, the number of active learners that LMS can accommodate and some of the custom functionality that can be added.

We pride ourselves on being accommodating to all companies in need of training solutions, get in contact with one of our team members for your custom Friendly LMS package.

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