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We are a specialised business-to-business content production agency. We take a clever, creative and no-bullsh*t approach to creating honest client-customer content.

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Training Video

Corporate Training Videos

Through corporate training content production we are able to make training accessible to employees of all skill levels through a medium that isn’t only visually enticing but has been proven to yield a much larger rate of information retention.

eLearning Development

The world is growing at a rapid pace and eLearning has become an integral part of the corporate world, we are able to produce eLearning content that suits your budget needs from text-to-speech all the way through to fully interactive and immersive virtual reality learning environments.

Industrial Training Videos

Industrial training can be very complex involving multi level procedures and intricate knowledge of health and safety. Our team is highly experienced in filming unique equipment and procedures based in industrial settings while adhering your company specific health and safety requirements.

Learning never exhausts the mind.

Consultation: Our team consists of training and eLearning experts which gives us the edge in planning and producing effective training videos based on actual learning outcomes.

Training Experts: As training experts, we can optimize your training videos to be eLearning and LMS ready.

Equipment: Our team has all the necessary equipment for training videos, including green screens, teleprompters and a professional voice recording studio.

Industries We Serve:

Intergovernmental Organisations
Transport & Logistics
Power Generation

Standard Day Rates and Turnaround

  • Full-Day Rate including Editing – 5 Day Turnaround Time
  • Half-Day Rate Including Editing – 3 Day Turnaround Time
  • Full-Day Rate excluding editing – 1 Day Turnaround Time
  • Half-Day Rate excluding editing – 1 Day Turnaround Time

Want to Start Training Efficiently?

Latest Training Video Projects

When it comes to training and eLearning, we enjoy learning with you!
Here are a few of the latest projects we got to study and produce.