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3D Animation SHEQ Training Video – African Rainbow Minerals

SHEQ Video

We were tasked with the production of SHEQ training video for African Rainbow Minerals. In particular the video was purposed for the Machadodorp branch, where we repurposed their Works Training Material into a 3D animation SHEQ training video. African Rainbow Minerals is a leading South African diversified mining and minerals company with operations in South Africa and Malaysia. Their operations is of such a nature, that there are new sites being set up for operations on a regular basis. As with any site that is inherently hazardous, there is a compulsory need for a form of SHEQ induction training. Which, for the sake of their training team and operations, is in the most versatile form, which is 3D animation. This allows their team to modify and adapt the video for each new site with minimal down time. They can also reuse the same 3D modelled assets in different training settings without the need to start from scratch.

The training video is essential for their training department as each new site and site visitor must be properly trained on the potential hazards of their work participation. Without the video, their training team would need to be on constant stand-by as the site as regular visits throughout the day by both employees, contractors and visitors. To produce this video we had to combine existing footage with 3D animation to create a modular SHEQ video that can be modified and updated for future application. Luckily for all the existing footage, we had produced SHEQ videos for African Rainbow Minerals in the past. Which meant we had reliable footage to work off of. Sometimes when we need to work with existing footage or even stock footage, the material itself may be difficult to adapt or even of a lower quality.

Health and Safety Training Video

For the production of the SHEQ video we started off compiling our existing footage to act as backdrops for the 3D models. While this process was going on, we were developing the storyboard and potential 3D assets. Once we had a clear and comprehensive video planned out, we continued producing the 3D models, while testing their movement within the footage provided. During this process we had considerable feedback from the client on every 3D modelled asset and scene to ensure the video was up to clients standards. The final video was also drafter three times to ensure the client was completely satisfied with every scene. For the video narration we opted to used one of our team members. She is a highly experienced voice artist, whom we recorded in our in-house recording studio. This meant the entire 3D animation video production could be developed both bespoke and completely remotely. Saving our client valuable time and budget through each step.

3D Animation can turn your SHEQ training into detailed and easily modified videos, without the need to film a single thing. Keep your SHEQ training detailed, captivating and always relevant with 3D animation. Get in touch with our team today!

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3D Animation SHEQ Video


African Rainbow Minerals


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