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Training Video Production – International Equipment Manufacturer

industrial photograph of worker working for training video production

What Inspired The Training Video production:

The purpose of this training video was to train current and future Bühler sales and technical staff on the specifications of the Bühler brand conveyor systems as well as how to repair them or spot faults on them if needed.

This allows the educated sales team to more effectively cater to their client’s needs.

Bühler’s training video places focus on the procedures surrounding chain conveyor inspection, this ensures that the end-user will have a full understanding of the information communicated to them through the video.

Video production training programs are a very effective way of conducting training, these videos can be regularly updated and re-used to train thousands of employees.
That means that the training video production cost is significantly lower than the costs incurred by traditional training options.

These training video productions could also be utilized on learner management platforms for eLearning purposes.
The videos are versatile and could also easily be translated, allowing more employees from different countries or cultures to make use of them.

The Company:

The Bühler Holding AG is a Swiss multinational plant equipment manufacturer based in Uzwil, Switzerland who approached us to produce a training video project. They are known for plant and equipment manufacturing-related services as well as processing foods and manufacturing advanced materials.

Our international clients enjoy very competitive rates due to fluctuating exchange rates, our teams are well experienced in video production and we strive to offer effective and efficient service to all of our clientele.

Services & Content We Provided:

-Video Production

-Script Writing

-Voice Recording

-Colour Grading




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