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Health and Safety Video – Anglo Coal

health and safety video

Our team was entrusted with the important task of creating a specialised health and safety video for Anglo Coal. The primary objective of this video was to emphasise and educate on the critical aspects of safety, specifically focusing on hot work and confined spaces within the mining industry. To ensure the highest quality production and an efficient turnaround, we joined forces with Sound Idea Digital, a renowned content production company. This collaboration allowed us to harness our collective resources, expertise, and technology, resulting in a comprehensive and compelling safety video for Anglo Coal.

Collaboration with Sound Idea Digital
Collaborating with Sound Idea Digital was a strategic decision that significantly benefited the project. By pooling our resources and skills, we were able to deliver the final product in a much shorter timeframe than would have been possible independently. Sound Idea Digital brought their wealth of experience in multimedia production, further enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the video.

Project Scope
Our collaboration provided Anglo Coal with a fully bespoke service, tailored to meet their specific needs and safety goals. The project encompassed various phases, including script writing, filming, editing, voice recording, and mastery, all meticulously executed to create a coherent and informative health and safety video.

Script Writing
The foundation of any effective safety video is a well-crafted script. Our team of experts collaborated with Anglo Coal’s safety professionals to ensure that every important detail regarding hot work and confined spaces was included. The script was designed to engage the audience and communicate safety procedures and best practices clearly and effectively.

Filming and Production
The filming phase involved capturing critical footage at Anglo Coal facilities, ensuring a realistic representation of the work environment. We used state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to capture the essential visuals, showcasing both the correct safety procedures and the potential risks associated with hot work and confined spaces.

health and safety video

Editing and Post-Production
Our collaborative team worked tirelessly to edit and refine the captured footage, ensuring that it flowed seamlessly and conveyed the intended message effectively. The use of professional editing software and techniques helped enhance the visual appeal and clarity of the video.

Voice Recording and Mastery
To provide a professional and engaging narration, we engaged a seasoned voice artist with experience in safety-related content. The voice artist recorded the narration in our in-house recording studio, which enabled us to have full control over the recording process. The final audio was meticulously mastered to ensure optimal sound quality, making it easy for viewers to understand and engage with the content.

The specialised health and safety video produced in collaboration with Sound Idea Digital is a testament to our commitment to safety and the effectiveness of video production as an educational tool. This video equips Anglo Coal employees with valuable knowledge and skills necessary to work safely in hot work and confined spaces. Our collaborative approach and the dedication of both teams allowed us to deliver a high-quality product within a condensed timeframe. We believe that this video will serve as a valuable resource in promoting a safer working environment within Anglo Coal and contribute to the overall well-being of the workforce.

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Health and Safety Video


Anglo Coal


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