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Oliver Karstel Agency / Marketing Video – Financial Consultant

Marketing Video – Financial Consultant

Oliver Karstel Agency is proud to present the completion of a dynamic 2D animation marketing video for a leading financial consultation company. This project underscores our commitment to delivering innovative and professional marketing solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. The financial consultation sector, characterised by its complexity and competitive nature, demands clear, engaging, and informative content to attract and retain clients. Our 2D animation video achieved precisely this by distilling intricate financial concepts into visually appealing and easily understandable narratives.

Marketing video

Project Objectives

The primary objective of this project was to create a 2D animation video that effectively communicates the financial consultation company’s core services, values, and expertise. The video needed to be both informative and engaging, capturing the attention of potential clients while providing a clear understanding of the company’s offerings. Key objectives included:

  • Simplifying Complex Information: Presenting complex financial concepts in a straightforward and engaging manner.
  • Enhancing Brand Image: Strengthening the company’s brand presence through visually consistent and professional animation.
  • Driving Engagement: Increasing viewer engagement and interest in the company’s services.
  • Improving Client Conversion: Converting video viewers into prospective clients by clearly outlining the benefits of the company’s services.

The Creative Process

Our creative process began with a thorough understanding of the client’s brand, target audience, and key messaging points. This involved:

  1. Client Consultation: Multiple consultation sessions with the client to gather insights into their services, target audience, and desired outcomes for the video.
  2. Research and Storyboarding: Comprehensive research on financial consultation topics, followed by the creation of a detailed storyboard that outlined the animation sequence, narrative flow, and visual elements.
  3. Script Development: Crafting a concise and compelling script that effectively communicated the key messages while being suitable for animation.
  4. Design and Animation: Designing visually appealing characters, scenes, and graphical elements that aligned with the client’s brand identity. This phase included character design, background creation, and the development of smooth, engaging animations.
  5. Voiceover and Sound Design: We conducted script training with the owner and facilitated their voice recording to ensure clarity and authority in delivering the script. This was complemented by a sound design that enriched the overall viewing experience.


The execution phase involved the seamless integration of all creative elements to produce a cohesive and high-quality animation. Key steps included:

  • Animation Production: Utilising industry-leading software to animate the storyboard, ensuring each movement was fluid and synchronised with the voiceover and sound effects.
  • Client Reviews: Regular reviews with the client at key milestones to incorporate feedback and ensure alignment with their vision.
  • Final Edits and Polishing: Refining the animation, adjusting timings, and enhancing visual and auditory elements to achieve a polished final product.


The completed 2D animation video successfully met all project objectives and received positive feedback from both the client and their audience. Key outcomes included:

  • Increased Engagement: The video captured the attention of viewers, resulting in higher engagement rates across the client’s digital platforms.
  • Enhanced Understanding: Viewers reported a clearer understanding of the client’s services and value proposition.
  • Strengthened Brand Image: The professional and visually appealing animation reinforced the client’s brand identity and positioned them as a leader in the financial consultation sector.

The 2D animation marketing video produced by Oliver Karstel Agency exemplifies our commitment to delivering authoritative, professional, and innovative marketing solutions. By transforming complex financial concepts into engaging and easily digestible content, we have empowered our clients to effectively communicate their expertise and attract new clients. This project not only highlights our creative capabilities but also our dedication to understanding and meeting the unique needs of each client.

Marketing video

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