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Oliver Karstel Agency / Whiteboard Animation – Financial Advisory

Whiteboard Animation – Financial Advisory

We were tasked with the production of a custom Whiteboard Animation for one of South Africa’s key players in the local government sector, Nosech Financial Advisory. The whiteboard animation covers integrated development planning which is an approach to planning that involves the entire municipality and its citizens in finding the best solutions to achieve good long-term development.

whiteboard animation


The video was custom designed and animated by our in-house Team. The script was finalised and we recorded one of our voice artists within our recording studio. Professional narration adds a layer of polish and credibility to your content, ensuring clear delivery and engaging storytelling that captivates your audience. With professional narrators, you can expect exceptional vocal quality, tone modulation, and effective pacing, enhancing the overall impact of your message. The use of Whiteboard Animation allows for a simplification of a rather complex topic with multiple facets to it. 

Working with the client was a smooth process; as all our channels of communication and collaboration were set up prior to the start of the project. This meant that we could plan every meeting and point of feedback in advance, which allowed all the key members to be available for every session. We also broke our production Team up into design and animation which meant there were no delays when custom designing the various video elements and scenes. When working on any content production, make sure you leverage the skills and insights of every key member, as this ensures you have no bottlenecks during production and can implement meaningful changes throughout each step of production.

Whiteboard animation is a creative and effective way to communicate complex ideas in a simple, engaging format. This style of video has become increasingly popular among companies for a variety of reasons that include:

Simplification: Whiteboard animation simplifies complex concepts through real-time visual illustrations, making information more accessible and engaging. This approach transforms complexity into clarity, enabling audiences to grasp and retain the content effectively.

Engaging Audiences: Whiteboard animation captivates viewers with dynamic, real-time drawings, creating an engaging experience that holds their attention throughout. The unfolding illustrations keep audiences visually stimulated, ensuring sustained engagement with the content.

Cross-Platform Communication: Whiteboard animation offers versatility across platforms, seamlessly integrating into websites, social media channels, and presentations. Its adaptable format ensures effective communication across diverse digital mediums, maximising audience reach and engagement.

Cost-Efficiency: Whiteboard animation stands as a cost-effective solution, demanding minimal resources in comparison to other animation forms. Its simplicity in execution reduces production costs while maintaining high-quality visual communication.

Elevating Communication: Whiteboard animation delivers compelling narratives by leveraging simplicity and interactivity, enhancing communication effectiveness. Its dynamic visual storytelling captivates audiences, fostering deeper engagement and understanding of the message being conveyed.

Character animation and whiteboard animation are two distinct yet powerful forms of visual storytelling. While character animation involves creating and moving animated characters to convey a narrative, whiteboard animation focuses on real-time drawings unfolding on a white background to explain concepts or tell a story. Character animation adds depth and personality to narratives through characters’ emotions and interactions, while whiteboard animation simplifies complex ideas through dynamic visual illustrations, making information more accessible. Both have unique strengths: character animation excels in emotive storytelling, while whiteboard animation excels in clarity and simplicity. Choosing between them can significantly impact the effectiveness of the visual narrative. 

whiteboard animation

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