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Motion Graphics Video – TFSA eLearning 5

motion graphics video

Motion Graphics for eLearning

In a world where technology is rapidly changing, the ability to learn online has become increasingly popular. E-learning is a great way to learn at your own pace without the need for a physical classroom. However, traditional eLearning courses can be dull and disengaging, which could lead to a lack of retention. Here is where motion graphics video comes in. This project write-up will focus on the Trade Forward Southern Africa eLearning project, which is a prime example of how motion graphics videos can enhance eLearning.

The Trade Forward Southern Africa eLearning project is a comprehensive course designed to educate students on international trade. One of the challenges in designing any online course is maintaining consistency in tone and sound throughout the course. The voice artist for these video clips was one of our team members who had voiced numerous videos across multiple clients and campaigns. By doing so, we could ensure consistency in sound and tone throughout the eLearning course, which saves time and money.

Motion graphics have revolutionised eLearning courses by making them accessible and enjoyable for all learners. Reading long texts can be monotonous, making videos a more engaging option. The use of motion graphics and animations allows complex concepts to be visualised in a simple and understandable manner. This makes learning fun while ensuring that students retain the information for a more extended period. In the Trade Forward Southern Africa eLearning project, this was exemplified with visually appealing graphics that illustrated complex trade concepts in easy-to-understand ways.

Moreover, motion graphics videos embedded in eLearning allow students to learn at their own pace. In traditional classroom settings, learners progress at the same pace as their peers. This is not the case for eLearning courses, where learners can go back and revisit topics they did not quite understand. The Trade Forward Southern Africa eLearning project offered students that convenience, as they could play a video again if they had not learned a particular concept. This saved time, effort, and increased student engagement.

motion graphics video

An added benefit of motion graphics videos is that they are memorable. The combination of visual, auditory, and sensory elements significantly increases retention rates. The Trade Forward Southern Africa eLearning project utilised this approach, incorporating various motion graphics elements that helped students to remember what they had learned. This made the experience more positive for learners, improved their overall satisfaction levels, and made the learning more meaningful and impactful.

Motion graphics video has become an essential element of eLearning today. The Trade Forward Southern Africa eLearning project is a prime example of how effective motion graphics video can be in enhancing the learning experience. With the increasing need for remote learning, eLearning courses and the need to ensure student engagement, motion graphics videos play a crucial role in making eLearning courses more accessible, engaging, and enjoyable. It is evident that motion graphics video sets apart traditional eLearning courses from modern and effective ones, making it a must-have for any modern eLearning project.

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