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Marketing Video – Two Mountains

marketing video

At Oliver Karstel, we are committed to delivering high-quality marketing video production services that capture the essence of our clients’ businesses. We recently had the privilege of working with Two Mountains, a prominent and specialised funeral services company. This project aimed to create a compelling marketing video that effectively communicated Two Mountains’ unique services and values. Our comprehensive service encompassed various elements, including filming, editing, motion graphics, design, scriptwriting, voice recording, and consultation. In this write-up, we’ll provide an overview of the project, the challenges we faced, and the solutions we implemented to ensure the success of the Two Mountains marketing video.

Two Mountains is a respected and leading company in the funeral services industry. They provide specialised and compassionate services to help families honour and remember their loved ones. With a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and empathy, Two Mountains has built a strong reputation for their services. The challenge was to convey their unique approach in a marketing video that would connect with their audience on a deeper level.

Oliver Karstel’s role in this project was to create a fully bespoke marketing video that highlighted Two Mountains’ services, values, and commitment to their clients.

Our scope of work included:

Marketing Video Services Provided


1. Filming: We conducted on-location filming, capturing genuine moments and interactions between Two Mountains’ staff and clients. This included 4K drone footage of their fleet during operations.

2. Editing: Post-production work was essential to ensure that the video flowed smoothly and conveyed the intended message.

3. Motion Graphics: We used motion graphics to visually enhance the content and reinforce key messages.

4. Design: The video’s design elements were carefully crafted to match Two Mountains’ branding and convey a sense of professionalism and empathy.

5. Scriptwriting: We developed a compelling script that effectively communicated Two Mountains’ core values and unique selling points.

6. Voice Recording: A professional voiceover was recorded to lend a human touch to the narrative and evoke emotional responses from viewers.

7. Consultation: We maintained open lines of communication with the Two Mountains team, ensuring their vision and requirements were reflected in the final product.

marketing video

A key challenge in marketing video production is maintaining viewer engagement. To address this challenge, we incorporated time-lapse footage. Time-lapses add a unique and visually captivating element to the video, increasing production value. The combination of B-roll footage and time-lapses helped bring depth and creativity to the final marketing video. This not only captured viewers’ attention but also conveyed the professionalism and dedication that Two Mountains brings to their services.

The marketing video we produced for Two Mountains successfully captured the essence of their specialised funeral services. It communicated their values of compassion, professionalism, and respect for the families they serve. The time-lapse footage and other production techniques added a layer of visual interest and professionalism to the video. As a result, the video not only informed but also emotionally resonated with the audience.

The video has been an invaluable asset for Two Mountains, helping them connect with existing clients and reach new ones. It has been widely shared on social media and embedded on their website, contributing to increased brand recognition and client engagement.

The collaboration with Two Mountains allowed us to showcase our commitment to delivering tailor-made marketing video production services. We were honoured to help Two Mountains convey their values, services, and dedication to their clients through a visually engaging and emotionally resonant marketing video. Our incorporation of time-lapses and creative editing techniques added significant production value, contributing to the video’s success.

We remain dedicated to helping our clients tell their unique stories through creative and impactful video content, and we look forward to more opportunities to create compelling marketing videos that leave a lasting impression.

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