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Health and Safety Video Production – Standard Testing Company

This Health and Safety Training Video Production Project was commissioned by The SABS.

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) provides standards and conformity assessment services to contribute towards the efficient functioning of the economy. They develop, promote and maintain South African National Standards.

SABS has the vision to be the trusted standardization and quality assurance service provider of choice. They are a diverse and complex environment that can be hazardous if rules and regulations are not followed by employees, contractors, and visitors.

This health and safety video production project explains on-site rules and regulations to ensure full safety for everyone in all facility locations and at all times. Different departments pose different kinds of risks. For example, the chemistry sector works with hazardous chemicals and gases. It is every person’s duty to take all necessary precautions according to which health and safety hazards are present in that department.

Our health and safety video production projects follow guidelines set out by the occupational health and safety act of 1993, these guidelines are set to ensure that your employees are able to work in an environment that is safe, stress-free, and functional.

If these guidelines are not followed the company may be liable for lawsuits, court cases, and in some cases even imprisonment.
Thus it is important that the company make use of a health and safety video production project to ensure that all of their employees are educated and aware of the procedures set in place to allow them to work safely in a workplace that may have multiple hazards.

These videos could also be used on online learning platforms which will enable them to be more accessible.

Did you know?

SABS has around 7400 current standards and there are about 600 standards in various stages of development at any one time.



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Health & Safety and Induction Videos, Video Production