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Marketing Video Production – WAHA Equipment

WAHA heavy duty machine

WAHA Equipment: Marketing Video

WAHA Equipment is a supplier and distributor of quality heavy-duty machinery and parts that operate in Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Their philosophy is to offer best-of-breed challenger brands that allow their customers to benefit from high-quality, well-supported equipment at prices lower than their competitors. They also pride themselves on having a strong website with interactive and original content that enhances the user’s product experience.

What Inspired this Marketing Video and Photo Shoot?

WAHA commissioned us to take photos of their products and to produce marketing video content with a keen focus on the machinery and its respective functionality. They wanted to create a series of video content and images to build their product catalogues, website, social media and sales collateral.

The images were put on their website alongside the vehicle specifications. These images were further enhanced by accompanying video clips which provide potential customers with a clear understanding of the machine, size and capabilities.

Services and content we provided:

Marketing Video Production

  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Motion Graphics

Large Scale Product Photography

  • Photo Shoot
  • Editing

The video and photography shoots were all arranged and covered on the same day, by a team of two. This ensured we could cover every aspect of filming and photography while maintaining the client’s budget. The photoshoot required additional experience as the subjects were all large-scale products recorded in an outside setting. This meant the day’s filming started with a photo shoot during the ‘golden hour’ in the morning to ensure the products were photographed in the most ideal outside light. Additional equipment was also required to film and photograph the client’s machinery. The marketing video featured stock music and no narration which ensured we could generate more content within the client’s budget. It also meant the video content is easy to update as there are considerably fewer elements to change. If WAHA wished to repurpose this content at a later stage for a new campaign, the process would be much simpler. Another great feature of short-form video content is that it is easy to repurpose and reuse for social media marketing. By breaking the marketing video up into smaller clips, a series of new posts can be generated without the need to plan an entirely new production.

If you require marketing video services or professional photography for your company, get in contact with our team.

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