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Marketing Video – Recycling Centre

marketing video

We were tasked with the production of a marketing video for Fry’s Metals. This client is South Africa’s leading lead recycling business. They offer a specialised battery lead recycling service that plays a pivotal role in many key industrial organisations across the country and economy as a whole. For this marketing video we focused on their new range of Supersoft-hycycle batteries, born through years of research and development.

The video was a combination of interviews with key members, motion graphics and B-roll footage of their facilities. This approach negated the need for a comprehensive script and voice artists as all the narration was handled by their team of experts. This approach also streamlined production, especially for such a specialised product/service. This meant we had more budget to allocate to additional days offilming, which we used to acquire all the site B-roll. This approach made the video content more relatable and complemented the R and D focus of the video.

Our team learned a great deal working on this project. From the stringent testing, quality and safety procedures to the team of experts involved. The client’s health and safety was second to none and represented an impressive standard unsurpassed in our experience. We have filmed hundred’s of industrial and manufacturing based businesses and the client was particularly refined. For example: employees have regular compulsory blood-lead testing to ensure they are following the health and safety protocols at all times.

All the motion graphics and design were developed in-house by our team, along with the editing and video mastery. The video was filmed over 2 days by a team of 3. Prior to filming a comprehensive shotlist was created along with a shoot plan to ensure every member was available and their absence was not at the cost of operations. Whenever you film an industrial business, it is vital that you plan your shoot days well. Every potential disruption to a business of this nature, could negatively influence their profit margins.

marketing video

Benefits of Marketing Videos for industrial businesses

Marketing videos are designed to drive sales and encourage customers to make purchases. By highlighting specific benefits and advantages of the product or service, customers are more likely to purchase from the business. These videos can be played across all social media platforms, enabling businesses to reach more potential clients. A well-executed marketing video can drastically increase an industrial business’s revenue, which makes it a worthwhile investment. In the case of this project, the video was widely used as sales collateral on top of its marketing application.

Marketing videos are a fantastic way to reach out to clients and create a relationship with them. Clients are often interested in learning more about a business’s day-to-day operations and understanding what makes them unique. By creating a marketing video, businesses can address frequently asked questions, showcase their dedication to employees, and highlight their efforts dedicated to creating a better customer experience. This effort can significantly contribute to building clients’ trust, which ultimately results in more partnerships and loyalty.

Investing in marketing videos provides an industrial business with a competitive advantage. Many businesses still see marketing videos as an optional undertaking, and as a result, neglect its significance. By creating a marketing video, businesses separate themselves from their competition and showcase their dedication to growing their company.

Looking for Marketing videos for your business? We are uniquely positioned to create both high-production marketing videos and health and safety videos which means we can bring your industrial business to the forefront of the market regardless of your site complications or niche business operations. Get in touch with our team today!

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