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Marketing Video – GEA Africa (Thermo King)

marketing video

We were entrusted with the exciting and pivotal task of creating a company showcase marketing video for our esteemed client, GEA Africa. This project aimed to capture the essence of GEA Africa, highlighting its strengths, values, and the key personnel who drive the company’s success. The video production involved a comprehensive and tailored approach, encompassing all phases from conceptualisation to final delivery.

Project Scope and Services Provided:

1. Planning:

The project commenced with meticulous planning. We collaborated closely with the client to establish their vision, objectives, and expectations for the video. A comprehensive project plan was formulated, outlining timelines, roles, and responsibilities.

2. Filming:

Our team of skilled videographers executed the on-site filming. The shoot included capturing footage of GEA Africa’s facilities, equipment, and the dedicated workforce that keeps the company running efficiently.

3. Script Writing:

Our professional scriptwriters crafted a compelling narrative that effectively conveyed GEA Africa’s unique value proposition, achievements, and future aspirations.

4. Editing:

Post-production was a critical phase in shaping the final video. Our editing team meticulously sifted through the footage to select the most captivating visuals and ensure a seamless flow throughout the video.

5. Motion Graphics and Design:

Incorporating motion graphics and visually appealing design elements was paramount to enhancing the video’s visual appeal. Our creative team developed custom graphics and animations that complemented the narrative.

6. Voice Recording and Mastery:

To create a polished and engaging audio experience, we engaged a professional voice artist for the video narration. The voice artist recorded the script in our state-of-the-art in-house studio. The mastery process included optimising audio quality for a pristine final product.

7. Interviews:

The heart of the video lay in the interviews with key GEA Africa staff members. These interviews provided a personal touch, enabling viewers to connect with the people behind the brand. Our team conducted interviews that were both insightful and engaging.

marketing video

The Value of Professional Voice Artistry:

The inclusion of a professional voice artist was instrumental in elevating the video’s production value. A skilled narrator adds a layer of sophistication and credibility to the video, which is crucial in marketing video production. Their voice not only delivered the script but also conveyed the essence of GEA Africa’s brand and values.

Project Outcome:

The result of our collaborative efforts was a captivating and high-quality company showcase marketing video that embodied the essence of GEA Africa. The video showcased the company’s core strengths, commitment to excellence, and its team of dedicated professionals. It conveyed GEA Africa’s unique position in the market, while also offering a glimpse into the company’s future endeavors.

The Oliver Karstel Agency is proud to have successfully delivered a fully bespoke video production service for GEA Africa. This project was a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client. The marketing video we produced will serve as a valuable tool for GEA Africa in their branding and marketing endeavors, enabling them to reach a wider audience and communicate their story effectively.

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Marketing Video


GEA Africa (Thermo King)


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