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Company Showcase Marketing Video – Airline & Lounge Catering

Marketing Video

We were tasked with the production of a company showcase marketing video for Food Directions, a boutique-style airline catering business based in Boksburg, Johannesburg. The shoot take place in their factory where all their meals, packaging and packing takes place. When filming a factory setting it is of vital importance that you plan your shoot well. Every process follows strict health and safety and hygiene protocols, which means each shot needs to be planned carefully to maintain a high production value for the finished video production. One of the reasons we landed this project, is because we have extensive experience filming health and safety. This meant we knew exactly what equipment and PPE needed to take full advantage of the shoot days. The video also featured shots of the outside of the factory building, which requires proper planning to ensure the desired establishing could be captured at their best.

As a marketing video we had two options for video narration, a professional voice artist or interview-style narration. We opted for the latter, by setting up the interviews throughout the shoot days. We assisted with the scripting of the interviews, and made sure we had the right equipment to capture each interview in an environment they are most comfortable. This style of video narration is a great way to maintain a high production value while saving budget on voice talent.

All the design and motion graphics were developed in-house by our design team, who were also responsible for the editing of the final video. A marketing video, whether its an explainer, corporate or company showcase video, should always have a higher production value to enhance the company’s products and services. It is also important that the businesses value-add is highlighted to push the company’s competitive edge. At the end of the day, marketing content is in competition with every other organisation in the industry, so you have to highlight what sets your business apart from the others.

Marketing Video

Working with the client was an absolute pleasure. Each interviewee and employee was prepared in advance to ensure the shoot days could be maximised. Sloppy planning, particularly in a marketing video, will result in less shots, worse composition and less B-roll, resulting in a weaker final product. Take the time to work through each shot and align all the stakeholders to ensure your final marketing video can soar, like it should.

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