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Marketing Video – Cape Classics AGOA Medium Sized Export Business Winner 2022 (USAID)

marketing video

We were tasked with the production of a marketing video for the beloved South African wine brand, Cape Classics. The project was done in collaboration with USAID and Sound Idea Digital, and was purposed to highlight successful South African exports as a part of the AGOA Exporter of the Year Awards. The video tells the origin story of the company, and their continuous growth and innovation over the years. Upon finalising their market and marketing research, they identified opportunities to export their products to the USA. A big part of their business model was to educate the American buyer on the exceptional wine produced by South Africa. This involved creating a ton of marketing material to educate and pitch their products to prospective buyers. Once this process was applied they had to maintain a set standard of product quality to ensure their products met the American market standards.

For this video we collaborated with Sound Idea Digital, who, as a company has over thirty years of video production experiences. Our companies came together and planned the entire video out, from there the teams were split and resources were committed to each team. With this approach we were able to produced the final video in a much shorter time period while working with multiple additional parties. Another challenge was the sheer number of videos that needed to be produced and finalised in time for the awards ceremony. In order to achieve this, as the shoot days came to an end the footage would be sent to the editing team, while the design team produced all the graphics and visual aids. This meant there was little delay between each phase of video production. Ensuring we were able to meet the strict deadlines for all videos.

marketing video

Marketing videos are an effective way for export businesses to reach a wide range of potential customers. Videos can be shared much more easily than traditional marketing materials such as brochures or pamphlets. They can also provide viewers with a much richer and more immersive experience, allowing export businesses to showcase their products in detail. Additionally, using videos to market exports can help create a lasting impression with customers and give them a better understanding of the company’s product offering.

A marketing video for an export business should include visuals of the products they are selling, testimonials from customers, and information about the benefits of working with their company. It should also demonstrate how their goods stand out in the competitive market, and what makes them the best choice for potential buyers. Additionally, the video should showcase any unique shipping policies or payment terms that may be available to customers. Lastly, it should end with a call-to-action and contact information for interested customers.

This video was part of series of videos we produced for the AGOA exporter of the year awards 2022. Highlighting successful export businesses and individuals across the country. This project’s success hinged on our collaborative efforts with Sound Idea Digital and every business and organisation involved, all which could only happen through vigorous planning and professional communication.

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