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Construction Photography – PERI UAE – Expo 2020 Dubai UAE

Construction Photography – PERI UAE


Expo 2020 Dubai UAE is one of the single largest construction sites and projects in the world,
The expo centre will be used to host a nearly 100-billion-rand six-month-long event expecting to attract roughly 25 million visitors.
The construction site is 4km by 1.8km, with a focus on sustainability,
roughly half of the electricity used to power the site will be generated from renewable sources.

Personal experiences:

Expo 2020 Dubai UAE is the biggest construction site I have ever visited and work on, it was a very exciting prospect to be able
to photograph such a phenomenal and absolutely massive site, we only had a day so our focus was on one of three main expo
centres, of the three petals that make up the main building.

I scouted the site with my host, Ghada Sayegh from PERI UAE, after the walkthrough and a few test shots we scaled a nearby structure
and began shooting from a vantage point overlooking the middle of the expo centre and one of the petals.

The focus as always, when shooting with PERI, was to highlight their Formwork and Scaffolding in use on the structure, the various yellow, red and clean timber formwork kits holding up, and forming concrete walls.

One of the challenges that I faced when shooting in the UAE which I haven’t really experienced thus far in my career was the density of the sand in the air and how that affected the crispness of my photographs in-camera,
this was an easy dehazing fix in post-production (Lightroom) but interesting nonetheless.

All in all, this was an incredible experience and I hope to work on more monumental sites like this in the future.


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