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E-Commerce Website Product Photography – Surtee Group – Levisons

Levisons E-Commerce Website Product Photography

In 2018 Surtee Group decided to launch an e-commerce website for their in-house brand Levisions. They contacted me to photograph their various products for the online store – the products included bags, shoes, and various clothing items.

Personal Experience:
This was a very challenging but rewarding shoot as I was able to work in a professional big-budget environment with a dedicated photographic studio, art director and Surtee Groups marketing team

The shoot was done at Glow Hires photographic studio in Parkview, over a course of 3 days shooting roughly 8 to 10 hours per day.

Day 1 – Individual still-life products:
On day one we focused on photographing the individual still-life products two photographs per product – the setup i used was 2 continuous lights and 3 external flashes, the continuous lights were
used as partial fill lights and to allow for easy manipulation of the still products with the art director and marketing team. I then used one flash as a full fill light to
white-out the background and then the other two diffused flashes were used to light the products accordingly – all of the still life products were photographed on a product table.


Surtee Group – Levisons


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