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Oliver Karstel Agency / 2D Animation – Business Partners

2D Animation – Business Partners

We were tasked with the production of a custom 2D animation for one of South Africa’s esteemed players in business development. The 2D animation covers the challenges of an entrepreneur and the purpose of a deposit to qualify for finance.

2d animation

Working with the client was a smooth process, as all our channels of communication and collaboration were set up prior to the start of the project. This meant that we could plan every meeting and point of feedback in advance, which allowed all the key members to be available for every session. We also broke our production Team up into design and animation which meant there were no delays when custom designing the various video elements and scenes. When working on any content production, make sure you leverage the skills and insights of every key member, as this ensures you have no bottlenecks during production and can implement meaningful changes throughout each step of production.

Project Scope

Our collaboration provided the client with a fully bespoke service, tailored to meet their specific needs and business goals. The project encompassed various phases, including script writing, filming, editing, voice recording and mastery, all meticulously executed to create a coherent and informative 2D animation.  

Script Writing

The foundation of any effective 2D animation video is a well-crafted script. Our team of experts collaborated with the client to ensure that every important detail regarding finance for entrepreneurs. The script was designed to engage the audience and communicate services focussed on finance and entrepreneurship.

Editing & Post-Production

Our collaborative team, composed of skilled editors and designers, worked tirelessly to edit, and refine the captured footage, ensuring that it flowed seamlessly and conveyed the intended message effectively. We employed professional editing software and techniques, such as colour correction and pacing adjustments, to enhance the visual appeal and clarity of the video. Through meticulous attention to detail and creative input, we transformed raw footage into a polished and engaging final product that captivates viewers and effectively communicates the client’s message.

Voice Recording

To provide a professional and engaging narration, we collaborated with a voice artist who specialises in business development and entrepreneurship, ensuring that the tone and style of the narration matched the client’s brand perfectly. The narration was recorded in our in-house studio, giving us full control over the process. Utilising a voice artist who specialises in the industry of business development and entrepreneurship offered several advantages. It added authenticity to the message since the artist understood the business and audience well, delivering the message with clarity and authority. After recording, we meticulously mastered the audio to ensure optimal sound quality, making it easy for viewers to understand and engage with the content.

Project Outcome

Our combined efforts produced an engaging and excellent corporate showcase marketing video that perfectly captured the spirit of the customer. The company’s fundamental competencies, dedication to quality, and staff of committed experts were all highlighted in the video. It provided insight into the company’s upcoming endeavours and effectively communicated the client’s distinct position in the industry.

The Oliver Karstel Agency is pleased to report that it completed the client’s entirely customised video production project with success. This project served as evidence of our dedication to quality work and our capacity to customise our offerings to each client’s particular requirements. With the help of the marketing film we created, the client will be able to successfully tell their story and reach a larger audience in their branding and marketing endeavours.

2d animation

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