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2D Character Animation – Distell

2D Character Animation

We were tasked with the production of a corporate video for Distell, one of the leading producers and marketers of alcoholic brands throughout South Africa. The purpose of the video is to highlight Distell’s change management strategy midst the height of the pandemic. The plan was focused on the pillars of company culture, leadership and digital transformation. A big part of change management is communication which forms the basis of their change management plan. One of the best ways of successfully implementing change management is to inform your teams in advance. This inclusion makes employees feel like they were a part of the proposed changes, which motivates them to onboard the remaining team members.

For the corporate video we opted for 2D character animation. The video was purposed for company-wide communication so it made sense to use 2D characters. It also meant the video could be repurposed at a later stage without the need to film anything. Additionally being in the middle of a lockdown, filming was absolutely out of the picture. Another benefit of using 2D character animation is that you can take the edge off of a topic, as 2D presents the topic in a light-hearted manner. This is perfect considering the added stress of this period, where anxiety and uncertainty were rife. The video also had a human-centred messaged, which is best presented through either real life interviews or animated characters.

In order for this project to be successful we had to set up a robust process for remote work. This meant establishing channels of communication and collaboration from the outset. We also planned the entire production plan according to a project plan with set dates for client feedback. To meet the deadlines we had to split our production into two teams. The first team was responsible for the production of the 2D character assets, while the second team was responsible for the video template. This meant we could speed up the process of receiving feedback on both as they were being produced at the same time.

For the video narration we could not gain access to professional voice artists due to the imposed travel restrictions. Luckily we offer a bespoke service which includes in-house voice talent and recording studio. This meant we could collaborate on the script, which once finalised could be recorded and edited in the same day. This further streamlined production and pushed the client’s budget further as no extra time or money was spent on the videos narration.

2D Character Animation

It was an absolute pleasure working with Distell. They provided timely feedback, constructive criticism and shared resources relevant to the production of the video at every stage of production. Working remotely with a client can be a tough challenge, but Distell was perfectly equipped for it. This is further testament to their change management strategy, which was on full display throughout the production of this corporate video.

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2D Character Animation Corporate Video




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