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Health and Safety Induction Video – Manufacturing Company

Health and Safety Induction Video – Manufacturing Company

This health and safety induction video was shot at GEA Africa in Midrand, South Africa, with the vision to eliminate all work-related injuries and illness, enhance the well-being of GEA employees and preserve the natural environment for future generations. This health and safety induction video set out the Core Safety Rules that are to be adhered to by all employees, visitors and contractors performing work activities from the moment they enter the site.

GEA is one of the largest technology suppliers for food processing and a wide range of other industries. They focus on technologies, components and sustainable solutions for sophisticated production processes in diverse end-user markets.

The correct application of PPE is required on and off-site, and good, safe work practices and site rules are to be followed at all times. The correct training and qualifications permit workers to work in their designated fields. GEA follows a “Rule of Three”, which is a specialized tool used to achieve situation awareness in 5 minutes. The health and safety training video elaborates on other safety precautions when working under dangerous conditions or when an emergency arises.

By effectively training the various visitors, contractors, subcontractors and employees that make use of the facilities, GEA is able to greatly decrease the number of injuries, work-related illnesses and stress-related cases throughout their facilities.

Induction training is made effective by utilizing a short and informative health and safety induction video that highlights the potential hazards an employee, visitor, contractor or subcontractor may face.

In the video, we provide safety guidelines that are compliant with the occupational health and safety act of 1993, to ensure that the environment is safe for all.

Did you know?

GEA spans a massive range of industries including beverage, dairy processing and farming, chemical, food, environment, marine, home and personal care, refrigeration and heating, pharma and healthcare, oil and gas energy.



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