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Marketing Video – Two Green Lemons AGOA Medium Sized Business Winner 2021 (USAID)

marketing video

We were tasked with the production of a marketing video for the beloved South African drinks brand, Two Green Lemons. The project was done in collaboration with USAID, and was purposed to highlight successful South African exports. The video tells the origin story of the company, and their continues growth and innovation over the years. A big part of their business model involves creating unique beverage brands from scratch into thriving export ready products. This business model is incredibly inspiring and has been highly successful in not only building their brand, but the brands of each collaborator. The company also follows strict quality standards, which is an essential part of preparing a company’s products for export. Having witnessed their rigorous testing and quality standards, coupled with their fantastic branding design, it is no wonder they have been so successful launching numerous successful export products.

For this video we collaborated with Sound Idea Digital, who, as a company has over thirty years of video production experiences. Our companies came together and planned the entire video out, from there the teams were split and resources were committed to each team. With this approach we were able to produced the final video in a much shorter time period. As the shoot days came to an end the footage would be sent to the editing team, while the design team produced all the graphics and visual aids. This meant there was little delay between each phase of video production.

With a project of this nature, where there are so many different organisations involved, it is vital importance that the entire project is properly planned from the start. The same applies to client feedback, as representatives of each party must be present for each draft of the video. All of which is planned in advance according to a comprehensive project plan. When planning your video feedback, make sure each member is allocated a role, this ensures the video feedback stays on track. For example: Marketing providing feedback on the promotional elements of the video.

marketing video

Marketing videos are an effective way to engage customers and increase brand awareness. By combining visuals and audio, marketers can create engaging stories that will draw viewers in. Videos work well for introducing new products and services, highlighting company milestones, and showing the customer journey. Additionally, video content enables marketers to track performance so they can measure their success and make necessary adjustments. Video can also be used to raise brand awareness, attract new customers, and drive conversions. Overall, a well-crafted marketing video can have a major impact on any business’s bottom line.

This video was part of series of videos we produced for the AGOA exporter of the year awards. Highlighting successful export businesses across the country. This project’s success hinged on our collaborative efforts with Sound Idea Digital and every business and organisation involved, all which could only happen through vigorous planning and professional communication.

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Marketing Video


Two Green Lemons


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