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Marketing Video – Veldskoen AGOA Medium Size Business of the Year Winner 2022 (USAID)

marketing video

We were tasked with the production of a marketing video for the beloved South African shoe brand, Veldskoen. The project was done in collaboration with USAID, and was purposed to highlight successful South African exports. The video tells the origin story of the brand, and their continues growth and innovation over the years. A big part of their business model involves pairing with other existing brands to create unique veldskoen shoes. This business model is incredibly inspiring and has been highly successful in not only building their brand, but the brands of each collaborator. The brand also follows strict quality standards, which is an essential part of preparing a company’s products for export. Having witnessed their rigorous testing and quality standards, there is no surprise the Veldskoen name is becoming more than just a household brand.

For this marketing video, our team filmed the Veldskoen head office based in Cape Town. The entire film crew consisted of two members, and was streamlined through meticulous planning. The entire video was scripted and turned into a comprehensive shot list. This ensured our film crew had little delays and sufficient time to film B-roll in between interviews and shots of their workspace. For the narration of the video we opted to use the audio from each interview. This allowed us to include shots from the interview which segway into the rest of their operations while maintaining the interview voice over. This method works perfectly for this style of video, and saves the client budget on voice artists and additional voice recording. In order to pull of this type of narration, you need to collaborate carefully with each interviewee to ensure their narration matches the video message and tempo. This project had multiple parties involved, which meant we had to take extra care in planning the project plan. Each draft of the video had to be scrutinised by multiple parties, which must be carefully controlled to ensure there are no potential project bottlenecks. Whenever you produce videos, it is vital that each step of production is followed and signed off prior to starting the next. The last thing you want is for your script to be changed after you have filmed the project, or for your team to have missed a key part of the site, which only gets identified once top management has seen the proposed final draft of the video.

marketing video

Marketing videos play an important role in building brand awareness, especially considering the fast-paced digital world we live in. Where strong images and catchy copywriting simply are not enough. Another benefit of a marketing video is that it provides an opportunity for a business to film their operations, staff, business units and location. With all this additional footage there are massive opportunities to create even more marketing content. For example: This video could easily be repurposed into multiple shorter clips for social media, or even shorter clips for their company website.

Marketing videos are a part of our life-blood, our company has over 11 years of video production experience, spanning across every industry and business type under the South African Sun. Get in touch with our team today, and together we can make your business shine!

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Marketing Video




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