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Marketing Video – Peppadew AGOA Youth in Export Winner 2021 (USAID)

marketing video

We were tasked with the production of a marketing video for renowned South African food brand, Peppadew. The purpose of the marketing video was to highlight the Youth in Export Winner Erica Shaik. The video highlights Peppadew internationals product range and operations, with a segway into the key role Erica has played in the company. From humble beginnings as a receptionist in the company, to her role as Export Sales Admin. The video formed part of a series we produced for the AGOA Export Awards, funded by USAID.

For this video our team filmed the Peppadew head office and local farm where their produce is grown. The footage is a combination of traditional filming and drone videography. The drone allows us to push the production value of the video B-roll by supplying multiple aerial perspectives of the location and operations. When planning a marketing video, it is important to consider creative ways to push the production value. You really want your videos to be captivating and visually stimulating. In order for their products to be export ready, they must adhere to very strict quality standards throughout every step. Filming their operations it became apparent the lengths they go to to maintain the same global quality standards for all their products. A truly model example of how to produce products for an international market.

Marketing videos are an essential tool for businesses looking to create a lasting impression with their target audience. Videos are one of the most effective ways to visually demonstrate the value of your product or service, and can help you stand out from the competition in a crowded market. They can also be used as a powerful storytelling device, allowing you to connect with viewers on an emotional level and capture their attention quickly. Additionally, marketing videos are easy to share on social media and other online platforms, giving them far greater reach than traditional advertising methods. With the right approach, well-crafted marketing videos can be a key factor in driving leads and conversions for businesses of any size. Videos also draw the most interactions on all platforms, which makes it the perfect marketing tool. This marketing video can easily be repurposed into shorter clips for social media, creating months worth of content from a single video. It also really helps to track the performance of your marketing videos to help gauge what content your target market is interested in.

marketing video

It was an absolute pleasure working with the Peppadew team, their passion came through with every interaction and really set a standard for quality export ready products. Their team and company culture is second to none and inspiring to see. They put a massive focus on skills development and the individual growth of each team member. Which really came through in our interview with Erica. Hearing her incredible career growth and Peppadews commitment to her personal development really shows their commitment to creating a positive work environment and the power of investing in your teams.

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Marketing Video




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