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Marketing Video – AGOA Youth Owned Winners 2021: Asha Eleven + Jim Green Footwear + One of Each (USAID)

marketing video

We were tasked with the production of a marketing video for the AGOA Exporter of the Year Awards. The video was centred around three brands namely, Asha Eleven, Jim Green Footwear and One of Each, who won the Youth owned export business award for 2021. The project was funded by USAID, who also facilitated the awards show. The video is split into three parts, with each part focusing on the individual brands. There is a large focus on the importance of quality control, and production optimisation in order to qualify for International Trade. The companies also highlight the changes in eCommerce and how that has positively impacted the export potential of local South African businesses.

For this video we collaborated with Sound Idea Digital, one of the leading video production company’s in South Africa. They have over thirty years of content production experience, and having collaborated with them before on multiple projects, it was a dream to work together on these videos. This video formed part of a series of videos for the AGOA Exporter of the Year Awards, which we produced for two years running. Multiple videos across numerous businesses had to be shot and edited in preparation for the awards show and the accompanying live stream, which we also facilitated with Sound Idea Digital. This project required a great deal of filming, travelling and project coordination. In order to achieve this our teams were divided in key roles and streamlined according to a strict project plan. This meant we could produce all the motion graphics, intros and outros, while our filming teams recorded the various businesses around the country. As each team was filming, our design teams were setting up the formatting for the videos, this reduced the delay between filming and editing, allowing us to produce more videos in a shorter period of time. In order to achieve this result, there is a great deal of planning that goes into the project. Each team, and all key project members must be allocated clear roles, followed by a carefully planned project plan that covers times and frequency of client feedback and discussion. This ensures there are no delays when moving through each phase of production, which is where typical video project bottlenecks occur.

marketing video

Marketing videos are an effective way to engage customers and increase brand awareness. They also complement events like in this case, whereby each award winner was showcased through their corresponding video. Videos also work well for introducing new products and services, highlighting company milestones, and showing the customer journey. Additionally, video content enables marketers to track performance so they can measure their success and make necessary adjustments. Video can also be used to raise brand awareness, attract new customers, and drive conversions. Overall, a well-crafted marketing video can have a major impact on any business’s bottom line.

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Marketing Video


Asha Eleven + Jim Green Footwear + One of Each


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