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Occupational Health and Safety Video – Redefine Properties

Occupational Health and Safety Video – Redefine Properties

Redefine Properties is located in a state-of-the-art building on 90 Grayston in Sandton, South Africa. This Occupational Health and Safety Video exposes all employees, visitors and contractors to health and safety compliance, which are required to adhere to on-site of the building.

The building houses very strong green technology, which minimizes the impact of the building and its ongoing use on the environment. These include a high-efficiency Ammonia chiller HVAC system and the collection of rainwater to flush toilets. Installed sensors track the movement of the sun and guide window blinds to assist in keeping out sunlight and heat. This maintains productivity and helps to conserve the energy required to regulate the overall building temperature.

The building is under camera surveillance by a trained security team at all times. Visitors entering the lower ground parking levels are directed to use the shuttle lifts to report to the main reception on the atrium level, where they must sign themselves in. People must always be mindful of general hazards such as wet floors during cleaning, leaning against the glass balustrades, walking into double glazed windows and using lifts. These are just some of the things mentioned in this Occupational Health and Safety Video.

Did you know?

The Ammonia in refrigeration systems is used to absorb the heat from one area and to bring it to another area to dissipate. Concentrated Ammonia is much colder than usual room temperature, which is why it’s ideal for keeping things cool.



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