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Website Explainer Video Production – Trade Forward Southern Africa and Future Females

Website Explainer Video

We were tasked with the production of a website explainer video for the collaborative efforts of Trade Forward Southern Africa (TFSA) and Future Females. The purpose of the video is to onboard TFSA and their network businesses onto TFSA’s websites, including the School of Export website, which houses a comprehensive online training course for aspiring exporters to take, free of charge. There is a network of export businesses that form a part of the TFSA’s extensive network. This network includes the International Trade Institute of Southern Africa, TFSA, Future Females and The School of Export Website. All of which are valuable sources of export training, tools and industry insights. This collective effort is aimed at both motivating and stimulating export business growth within the SACU+M region. This region covers Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique. If you are looking to learn more about exports, visit the School of Export website for training courses and content on all aspects of exports. For the latest export information and industry insights, visit the TFSA website.

This is special project spanning across multiple organisations, with a joint goal of increasing overall SEO exposure and web presence for the export scene in Southern Africa. It involves a custom built learner management system with custom designed eLearning training courses. It also involves a holistic SEO and content strategy that spans over the course of a year with regular content updates and marketing. It has been a pleasure working on this project while learning extensively about international trade.

The style of the video is a typical explainer video with screencast explanations combined with testimonial videos to further motivate the viewers. The video narration is also a combination of in-house voice talent and testimonial audio. The in-house voice is used for the video intro, outro and transitions, while the bulk of the narration is provided by the testimonial interviews. This style of narration requires some additional planning to prepare the interviews, but the result is a narration that is more relatable and believable for the target audience.

Website Explainer Video

All the video motion graphics and design was produced in-house by our design team. This video was one of many content productions for this client. This meant we could repurpose many of the existing motion graphics, video transitions and animations across multiple videos to optimise production time.

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Website Explainer Video Production


Trade Forward Southern Africa


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