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HTML Coding, Develop from the ground up!

An Introduction to HTML
HTML website

HTML Coding, Develop from the ground up!

Welcome to the world of Hyper Text Markup Language! 

Wow, that was a mouthful, I reckon we should rather stick to HTML, but you’re probably wondering what exactly HTML is?

HTM-Well okay then:

HTML is the standard language used to dictate documents on the worldwide web, it can be found on every single page of the internet producing elements like text, images, the customization thereof, buttons, links and almost anything else website related you could think of. HTML can be used to achieve a host of different functions from basic resizing and enclosing text, images and other elements to developing dynamic content management systems. HTML is one of the most valuable tools in the arsenal of any web developer. 

<p> Hey, That’s pretty neat! </p>

HTML allows us as developers to approach development and website structuring with a ground-up approach giving you full control over the customisation of your site.

Although Hyper text markup language is not anywhere near as user friendly as its WordPress counterpart, it does, however, offer limitless opportunities. 

In the next segment, I’ll be talking about whether your business needs an HTML site or not. 

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