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search engine optimisation

The Why, How and What of Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is without a doubt one of the most important tools within a developers toolbox. 

Today we’re going to help you understand just why that is and how to apply SEO yourself. 

Search Engine Optimisation Application

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is a marketing strategy that helps your website organically rank higher in search results related to your products, services and/or digital content. Search Engines are focused on providing their users with the most relevant and applicable content for their relevant searches.

By understanding how SEO works we are able to ensure that our website hit the organic search results more effectively, generating more leads/traffic to your business and website.

Why do I need Search Engine Optimisation?

Imagine your site is a lighthouse and your consumers are boats travelling at night through misty waters. SEO is the light at the top of your lighthouse and without it, your consumers won’t be able to find you unless they know where to look. Without Search Engine Optimisation, your site will rank relatively low within the related search results. You’d essentially be wasting leads. If you want your Website to reach a wider target audience without paid google ads, SEO is the only way to go.

How do I Apply Search Engine Optimisation to my Site?

Luckily WordPress understand the importance of SEO and have integrated SEO into their framework allowing you to easily research relevant keywords and applying them to your pages. WordPress also opts for responsiveness across platforms, responsive sites organically rank higher in search results. It would be wise to look for a theme that opts for sleeker SEO, you can read on how to pick a WordPress site here. Lastly, it is recommended that you make use of plug-ins like Yoast-SEO that greatly increase the efficiency of your SEO which allows you to rank higher organically.


Search Engine Optimisation is a tool that you have at your disposal, hopefully, you have a better idea of just what exactly it is and where to start when looking to apply it to your site. If you need any SEO done consider getting into contact with us, we’ve been coding, building and optimising for years and we can help you achieve the best SEO your site has to offer.

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