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Animation For Complex Topics


Animation as a content medium is incredibly versatile comes in a variety of styles and can easily be repurposed for multiple platforms. Compared to traditional video, animation does not require any filming which has many inherent advantages.

Animation Applications

3D Animation for Health and Safety

Some sites or equipment are incredibly dangerous to film. With animation, the scenes can be recreated without endangering team members.

Recommended Medium: 3D Animation

– Provides the most detail

– Can optimise existing assets to save production time

– Fairly easy to update, but dependent on the assets involved

Whiteboard Animation for Complex Content

Some products or content are complex by nature and require a clinical approach to break down. The same can be said for complicated scenes, for example: Filming a car accident is considerably more expensive than animating one.

Recommended Medium: Whiteboard Animation

– Can break down complex topics in a systematic manner

– Simple and easy to follow

– Easy to update

2D Character Animation for Human Resources

Any video with human behaviour as the subject can be tricky to film. Animation provides an easy solution as characters can be customised to match any lesson or agenda. This is especially useful for soft skills training as characters can be standardised for a series of videos, which cuts down production time.

Recommended Medium: 2D Character Animation

– Difficult subject matter can be animated to look professional

– 2D Characters are easy to replicate

– Can easily be applied to eLearning

– Easy to update

Animated Infographics for Administrative Information

Some video topics are rather boring by nature, but their message stays essential. One of the best ways of helping the viewer to retain that message is to keep the content as captivating as possible. Animating administrative information is also highly effective because you are able to communicate more concepts over a shorter period of time.

Recommended Medium: Animated Infographics

– Keeps your content captivating

– Easily summarise large amounts of information

– Helps viewers retain content better

– Quick and easy to update


Traditional video has many wonderful advantages that allow us to tell detailed stories in real life. The issue is, not every story lends itself to favourable filming logistics. Some subjects might be a little awkward to present or downright ridiculous to reenact. Let’s not forget our car crash from earlier. Whatever the case, there is an animation medium suited to every difficult subject matter. Which, when produced well, will keep your viewers captivated and keen.

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