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Health and safety induction videos

Importance of Updating your Health and Safety Induction Videos

Health and safety induction videos are among the most important of your company’s health and safety content collection. 

This is because induction videos affect every employee, contractor, visitor and the productivity of your entire facility. 

This is because each one of the individuals above needs to understand how your site works, which areas require PPE and which procedures need to be adhered to in areas where they are applicable. 

Induction videos are the first thing visitors, employees and contractors come into contact with before being allowed access to your facilities. 

If your induction training is not thorough and effective it could lead to injury, factory or facility congestion or even a full business halt. 

Therefore it is important that your induction content remains fresh and engaging. 

You can keep your induction content fresh and engaging by ensuring that it is updated regularly:

Effective Induction Leads to Increased Productivity:

Updating your health and safety induction videos regularly ensures that it maintains effectiveness as procedures and environments throughout your facilities take place. 

When the relevant individuals have undergone effective induction training they will have been provided with the necessary knowledge required to navigate your facility correctly. 

This in return will lower the risk of them disrupting the various working environments within your company as well as ensure that injuries related to navigating your facility are avoided. 

Induction as a Branding and Marketing Opportunity:

Your induction training content can also be used as an important branding and marketing opportunity, as it is oftentimes the first experience with your brand for many stakeholders. 

This allows you to educate various individuals on your brand, making them aware of possible opportunities or promotions that your brand may maintain. 

This could turn employees, contractors and visitors into possible clients of your company. When it comes to sales and marketing, leaving no stone unturned is a great mindset to have. 

When we subtly market to people while educating them we have the power to form a trusting relationship with these individuals because educated individuals are more likely to consume or make use of your products and services.

Updates make Induction Training more Accessible:

By regularly updating your induction content, you can ensure that the updates target certain areas such as language barriers, hearing impairments, etc. 

Adding subtitles in different languages or updating your content with varying voiceovers will ensure that individuals are able to easily read the information depicted, or allow them to understand the induction information in their home language. This will ensure that your induction training is more accessible to people who may not understand or speak your native language well. 

Relevant Induction Training is Important:

By updating your induction training you can ensure that the information and training remain relevant to the individuals consuming it. 

This makes sure that your staff are able to better understand their respective roles because of their ability to understand how the processes of their role fit into your company’s induction training. 

By doing this they can ensure that their roles are carried out safely, effectively and efficiently.

How to plan an update to your Health and Safety Induction Videos

Planning an update to your health and safety induction videos is an important process that should be taken seriously to ensure that employees are informed and safe. Here are some steps to follow when working out an update to your health and safety induction videos:

Identify the information that needs to be updated: Review your current health and safety induction videos and identify any information that needs to be updated. This could include changes in safety regulations, new safety equipment or procedures, or updates to company policies. Keep in mind that you branding should be evenly distributed around your health and safety induction videos, so make sure it is up-to-date and representative of your corporate function. If you struggle to fit your branding throughout your videos, consider getting creative. For example: We filmed a site where they process vasts amount of raw minerals, the site is constantly covered in residue from the process which made it very difficult to feature their company branding. To get over this challenge we incorporated a branded truck and banners which we planted in each scene to keep it consistent.

Determine the scope of the update: Determine the extent of the changes that need to be made. Will it involve minor revisions or a complete overhaul of the existing videos? Sometimes you are updates are of such a nature that you simply need to update parts of your script and the accompanying narrative, other times its a complete re-haul of a scene. An experienced video production agency should be able to guide you through creative ways of updating your videos while staying within budget.

Set a timeline: Establish a timeline for the update process. Determine when the new induction videos will be completed and when they will be distributed to employees. If you are working with multiple edits, make sure you prioritise your employee induction first, followed by contractor induction and then finally visitor induction. Employee induction is by far the most used and should take priority, especially considering how specialised it is.

Gather input from stakeholders: Consult with relevant stakeholders such as safety personnel, management, and employee representatives to ensure that the new videos are comprehensive and effective. If you can have a neutral visitor, contractor and employees from different business units all review your videos. We tend to develop a brand bias based on our experiences, which makes it difficult sometimes to gain that outside perspective on the content. Many stakeholders will also review elements of the induction videos which a typically viewer may not, like the branding and story.

Work with a professional video production team: Consider working with a professional video production team to create high-quality videos that are engaging and informative. This is of vital importance, health and safety induction videos are very specialised and require a great deal of insight to pull off successfully. These videos also come with higher stakes and filming can be hazardous and may interrupt operations which could be very costly.

Test the new videos: Conduct a pilot test of the new videos to ensure its effectiveness. When in doubt take inspiration from other health and safety induction videos, you will be surprised how many different ways a video of this subject matter can be executed.

Distribute the updated videos: Once the new videos are tested and finalised, distribute them to all employees and make sure they have watched them. It may be worth while to accompany a small assessment at the end of the videos to help the viewer retain the information better.

Remember, a well-planned update to your health and safety induction videos will help to ensure the safety of your employees while also demonstrating your commitment to their well-being.


Through updating your induction training regularly you can ensure that your company’s employees, visitors and contractors are knowledgeable and educated on the safety processes retained by your site. Allowing for a safer and more productive working environment. 

If you have any questions regarding induction training or think your company’s content needs an update, get in contact with one of our team members today.

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