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Optimise Your Content Strategy with Video Production

A well-planned content strategy serves as a road map for your content and its performance for a manageable set of time. Typically a content audit is performed to identify potential opportunities to repurpose content or to serve as a tool for knowledge management. Understanding your content resources is essential in developing an effective content strategy. The next step requires identifying your content types and publishing platforms. For content types, video production is by far the most compelling, however can be costly if not planned correctly.

Video production is particularly well suited to an optimised content strategy because it is:


The average human’s attention span is around 8 seconds. This means, as shocking as it sounds, we need to keep our content short and straight to the point. Video production is the most effective medium as it is able to communicate multiple concepts over a short period of time. Provided your video is produced correctly, the viewer is able to retain more information and stay engaged for longer.


Based on average interaction, video production far outperforms all other content mediums. Incorporating video into your next content plan, provided they are done professionally, will lead to greater viewer interaction and more mileage per content item.


More information can be communicated in a shorter period of time, and complex concepts can easily be broken down. As far as content mediums go, video production is by far the most effective for communication.


Video content is easily shareable across most social media platforms. In some cases, shorter edits may be repurposed from larger video productions to add more potential for content virality. Always add call-to-actions to your video content and make sure your titles are straightforward and punchy.

Video Production can Optimise your Content Strategy in the Following Ways:


A powerful story is touching and unforgettable. A wise man once told me that people will always remember how you made them feel. I believe a well-told story is capable of leaving an everlasting impression, one that is best told through video production.

Complimentary Content

Video works exceptionally well as a complementary tool. Scheduling your content so that each phase builds up to a video summary of the content, is a great way to improve the viewer’s retention of the information.

Make the Most of Shoot Days

Plan your content and shoot days in advance. If you plan it properly you can produce months of content from a couple of days of filming. Reverse engineer larger pieces of content into smaller ones to maximise your production.


A well-planned content strategy optimised with custom video production is the key to a successful content campaign. Video outperforms every other content medium on almost every performance metric. The trick is to plan it in such a manner so as to maximise production. Every minute saved is a minute earned for the client.

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