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Video production

Video Production Content Options

Video production has been around for a very long time and the origin thereof goes back as early as the 1840s with a device known as a “spindle viewer” which made use of photos or illustrations placed in a mechanical device that spun them around to simulate motion. 

Video production was first used by companies in the 1940s with the birth of television commercials and has only grown since then. 

By 2022 89% of the internet’s traffic will be purely video content and rightfully so. 

Video is an extremely powerful tool that can be used by sales and marketing personnel to provide the consumers thereof with a clearer depiction or indication of virtually anything. 

Although its counterpart, photography is useful. 

Video provides a deeper dimension which can be attributed to its use of movement and sound.

So what kinds of video can your sales and marketing team use?

Types of Video Production

Company Marketing Videos

Company videos are video production projects centred around introducing your company, its vision, mission and goals as well as its products and/or services to possible consumers or investors.

Company videos are normally short and to the point, making use of impactful visuals as well as useful information that would be relevant to interested parties within your company’s sector. 

These videos can be used by sales and marketing staff as a tool to give interested individuals a better understanding of who your company is, what you do and what you are aiming to achieve. 

Through this, you can showcase the legitimacy of your company as well as market it simultaneously. 

Service Marketing Videos

Service marketing videos are video productions focussed specifically around marketing and portraying specific services carried out by a company.

These videos normally showcase the different services a company may offer while providing the user with an idea or indication of how these services are carried out and how the results of the service can affect them or their company in a positive manner.

Service marketing videos can be used by sales staff in sales pitches to better promote their offering and better their chances of closing the sales. 

It could potentially also aid in answering questions about the service and its proceedings that the client may have. 

Marketing staff could use these videos on social media to advertise the services offered or on the company website to showcase the services.

Client Testimonial Videos

Client testimonial videos are video productions focussed on capturing the real-world account of your companies clientele. 

These videos could feature a product in use by one of your consumers or could provide an indication of how your product or service impacted them or their company in a positive way. 

These videos are a great way to build a sense of trust and legitimacy between your sales or marketing staff and possible future clients. 

These videos could be used on social media platforms or on your website as well as in sales meetings to better your chances of gaining peoples trust which in return may lead to more sales generated.

Product / Service Feature Video

Product and service feature videos focus specifically on the features of your products and services. 

These videos are more important than one would think, buyers are driven by ease of use, ease of access and a product or service’s ability to either make their life more convenient or to solve a problem they are faced with as quick as possible. 

These types of video productions also stand to answer questions interested parties may have about your company’s products or services. 

Sales staff could integrate such videos into their sales pitches to highlight the features pertained by your products and/or services which may lead to a higher chance of closing sales. 

Marketing staff would use these videos as product/service promotional material on social media platforms or websites.

Industry Specific Product / Service Video

Industry-specific product and service videos are videos catered towards highlighting the use cases of your product or services within your specific industry. 

These videos are used to either educate interested parties within your industry on how your products or services work or how they could better their companies or lives. 

A salesperson could use these videos to strengthen their pitch to interested parties while also answering questions that these parties may have about your products or services. 

Marketing personnel would use these videos as promotional or educational content on your social media platforms or website, providing your consumers with a better understanding of what these products and/or services may offer.

Team Feature Marketing Videos

Team feature marketing videos are videos that highlight your companies teams, their achievements and/or capabilities. 

These videos provide consumers with a sense of human connection and a better understanding of how your company’s employees work together and how they approach projects, challenges or carry out their duties. 

These videos can be used by sales staff to better their chances of closing sales deals by giving the interested party deeper insight into your team’s capabilities and problem-solving skills. 

Marketing staff may use these videos to showcase your company’s working environment, friendly staff and their capabilities on social platforms as well as your website.

Television Commercials

Television commercials are short and impactful videos with an average running time of 30 seconds. 

In these thirty seconds, you can effectively market a product or service that your company offers. 

You will typically start these videos by identifying a problem or establishing a desire and then move on to how your product or service stands to either solve this problem or satiate this desire. 

It is important to highlight the features and capabilities of the product or service in question.

This will help consumers to better understand your product and allow them to create a subliminal desire for your product or service. 

These videos are usually for marketing purposes only but could be used by sales staff in pitches as a quick and effective way to provide interested parties with insight into your product or service.

Milestone Documentation Video

Milestone documentation video focuses on showcasing the milestones that your company have achieved or the milestones in product or service development. 

These videos give the consumer insight into how your company, products and/or services are progressing and growing. 

Videos like this can be used by sales staff as a tool to sway potential clients or investors into purchasing products from your company or making use of your services by showcasing your company’s achievements. 

Marketing staff could use these videos as promotional content to celebrate company growth, progress and achievements on social platforms.

Conference Documentation Video

Conference documentation videos serve to capture the logistics, impact and events of conferences held by your company. 

These videos help to showcase your company’s investments, projects, community projects and future aspirations to attendees after the event or to individuals who were not in attendance. 

These videos can be circulated to create awareness of your company in your relevant industry through your sales and marketing teams.

Social Media Videos

Social media videos are videos produced specifically for use on social platforms. 

These videos are normally short and impactful while following or making use of current and relevant viral trends to promote products or services offered by your company. 

These videos tend to strike a chord with viewers as it communicates your brand, products and services to them in a dialect that frequent social media users will understand. 

These videos are purely for marketing purposes and tend to take a bit more of a relaxed approach and aren’t always appropriate for sales pitches, but this really depends on the product or service you are promoting and the industry you operate in. 

If your social media video follows a current viral trend, it may not stay relevant for long but if done right it could yield a high return on investment.

Company FAQ Videos

Company FAQ videos are aimed at providing answers to questions frequently asked by your clientele or potential clients. 

These videos are purely educational but can still be used by sales and marketing staff as a tool to educate interested parties on your company, this has the potential to lead to sales.

Product / Service FAQ Videos

Product and service FAQ videos are videos centred around providing your consumers with answers to questions that are frequently asked about your products or services. 

Through these videos, you can easily educate your existing clients and potential ones on your products and services while answering questions that they may have. 

These videos are educational but can be used by sales and marketing staff as a tool to generate sales by providing the interested parties with a clearer understanding of your products and services, allowing them to make educated and well-informed decisions when purchasing your products and making use of your services.

Event Videos

Event videos provide existing or future clients and investors with insight into the events and activations held by your company. 

Through an event video, the viewers are able to create an emotional connection to your company by enticing them with the proceedings and ambience of your events. 

Sales staff could use these videos to promote your companies abilities and achievements to your staff. 

These videos could also be used by your marketing department internally to boost company pride and employee morale through creating portraying unity with your company videos. 

They can also be used on social platforms to promote current and future events to your clients and investors.

CSR Videos

CSR Videos or Corporate social responsibility videos are videos aimed at showcasing your company’s positive effect on its surrounding social environment, community, infrastructure and economy. 

These videos can highlight community upliftment projects, job creation and local infrastructure upgrades that are taken on by your company. 

These videos help your sales and marketing staff to establish an emotional connection with consumers, allowing them to gain their trust and give your company a good name. 

When individuals see that you are putting back into the community they tend to feel more obligation towards your company which could lead to better sales and community awareness.

Company Culture Video

Company culture videos highlight the working environments, employee culture and company culture found within your company. 

This is really important, people want to buy from or make use of companies that promote happy employees and working environments. 

These videos could also be used internally to boost employee morale and educate new and existing employees on how your company operates and the image that you as a company aim to portray. 

Sales and marketing staff may use these videos to promote your company culture to potential clients and investors, allowing them to form a bond fo trust and provide them with a deeper insight into how your company strives to operate.

 Product / Service Update Videos

Product and service update videos serve to educate your existing and future clientele on any changes, updates or upgrades that have been added to your products and services. 

It could also highlight updates of your products after launch or on a problem one or more of your company’s services were applied to. 

Marketing and sales staff can use these videos to showcase the capabilities and growth of your products and services to potential clients and investors.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a great way to educate interested parties on specific products, services or use cases thereof. 

These videos could also be used to explain the process of the services offered or provide insight into how your products work or how they are used. 

Sales staff clouds use these types of videos to strengthen their sales pitches through educating interested parties on your products and services. 

Marketing staff could use these videos on social platforms to help users better understand your products and services. 

Virtual Reality Video

Virtual reality videos are 360-degree videos normally used with VR Headsets that provide the consumers with an immersive life-like experience. 

These videos could be used to showcase your company, its property and its environment. 

It could also be used to provide an immersive experience of your services, providing users with a better understanding of how it works and how it is carried out in an almost life-like setting. 

Furthermore, you can provide consumers with a life-like experience when it comes to using or seeing your products, allowing them to “experience” them in deeper details which could lead to more sales.


Video production offers many forms in which sales and marketing can be driven, the videos are found to be extremely engaging and easy to digest which makes video content the undoubted king of content.

If you have any further questions regarding video production or require such services for yourself or your company, get in contact with one of our team members today.

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