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Turn Your SHEQ Videos Into eLearning Content

Since the rise of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses have had to find creative ways to save money whilst getting the most out of their digital content, One of these forms of content is health and safety video content, but did you know that you could do so much more with your existing SHEQ content? We’ve come to realize that turning your SHEQ content into eLearning content could be done with relative ease. Below we’ll be discussing how and why you should consider turning your health and safety content into eLearning content: 

Turning SHEQ Content into Learning Material

Blended learning is not a new term to us as an agency and has been widely used within the learning industry for many years. 

Blended learning takes the effectiveness and accessibility of eLearning and combines it with the practical experience offered by traditional learning. 

By utilising your SHEQ video content on a learning management system as learning content and using the practical sessions as a way to test the knowledge retained from the online learning, you can achieve effective blended learning which could be combined with Bloom’s Taxonomy to allow for more thorough training. 

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a classification system used by teachers and learning developers to distinguish and define the many levels of human cognition such as: 

  • Learning 
  • Thinking 
  • Understanding 

Bloom’s taxonomy has been used in eLearning since 2001 and has helped to progress the content developed through the years, it also focuses on the learning outcomes and how they should scale with the learner to keep them engaged from basic theory through to application. 

A learning content developer could take your existing health and safety content and turn it into learning material that is broken up into smaller digestible pieces allowing your staff to train themselves on your HSE procedures while testing them and their knowledge after each short course. 

This will ensure that your employees have a full understanding of the health and safety procedures of your company; by teaching each segment and requiring them to pass a short questionnaire before being able to progress to the next segment. 

After the online learning has been completed your students/staff are then tested in a practical manner. 

Through the application of their theory-based knowledge, you stand to strengthen their understanding of the SHEQ procedures. 

Why you Should Turn your SHEQ Content into Learning Material

Now that you have a basic understanding of how a learning content developer would utilise your existing SHEQ video content as learning content, we can talk about why you should consider doing it:  

Online SHEQ Training is Less Disruptive:  Because learning is accessible through a learning management system, your employees are able to conduct SHEQ training from virtually anywhere, as long as they have a smart device with a stable internet connection. This allows them to train at their own pace and time outside of work. 

Online SHEQ Training is Engaging: If your health and safety content is turned into learning content by a competent supplier they could ensure that your online SHEQ training content is interactive and focused on scaling with the learning process. This will ensure that the content maintains a focus on keeping learners engaged with the content and the learning outcome. 

Online SHEQ Training Endorses Social Responsibility: Because your staff are learning from an online platform the learning responsibility falls on them, and because of the nature of health and safety training, the safety of other employees and the company becomes their responsibility as well. This leads to more thorough training and socially conscious employees.


Turning your SHEQ training content into learning content is an effective take on ensuring that your employees are as well trained, knowledgeable and socially responsible as possible. 

If you’d like to know more about SHEQ training options or require such services for yourself or your company, get in contact with one of our team members today. 

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